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To improve readability, the ACCONSIS Training and Careers page contains only male job titles. It goes without saying that the orientation is gender-independent in all cases.

What does a tax clerk do?

In the various specialist areas, you will provide support in the preparation of annual financial statements, tax returns and payroll accounting, as well as processing financial accounting. In the course of your training you will learn to work independently on these tasks. In your daily work, you will be in contact with clients, tax offices as well as health and social insurance agencies.

Why should you become a tax clerk?

As an assistant tax consultant, you will have a secure job with regulated working hours and a wide range of career prospects, as taxes and finances play an important role in many different areas. In addition, as an assistant tax consultant you have great career development opportunities:

For example, further training to become a tax specialist, accountant or even the tax consultant exam.

What type of person do I have to be to become a tax assistant?

Numbers genius:
In school, math was your favourite subject, you are not afraid of dealing with numbers and you keep a cool head even when dealing with extensive expense accounts. Complex percentage calculations, which you need to calculate tax rates, will not give you any sleepless nights.

Organisational talent:
Working under time pressure is no challenge for you due to your structured and self-organized approach.

You take your duties seriously and your working methods are characterised by diligence. You master your tasks with the greatest concentration to correctness. Your precise way of working helps you to correctly classify and understand complex issues within the framework of paragraphs and legal texts.

Should I become an assistant tax consultant? – Yes, if …

  • you like to help people to find their way through the tax jungle
  • careful, precise work distinguishes you and is fun for you
  • you like to deal with numbers and laws and complex circumstances do not scare you off

How does the training as an assistant tax consultant work?

The dual training to become a tax clerk (m/f/d) usually lasts three years and takes place in parallel at the training company and at vocational school. You will attend vocational school on fixed days of the week. The first two years of training belong together in terms of content and teach the majority of the training content. Here you will learn the most important basics of economics, taxation and accounting.

In the third year of training, these contents are deepened due to their complexity. At the end of the second year of training, the trainees take part in an intermediate examination. This is a prerequisite for the final examination at the end of the third year of training.

What do I earn as an assistant tax consultant during training?

We base the remuneration of our trainees on the recommendation of the Munich Chamber of Tax Consultants. You will find this on:

What do you already know about taxes?

Under the following link you can find out whether you are fit for training as a tax assistant. This is not about specialist knowledge, which you will acquire during your training, but about your sense of numbers and your ability to concentrate and communicate. The test is offered under “More than you think” (an initiative of the Federal Chamber of Tax Consultants).

Your ACCONSIS contact person

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Christine Nassl

+49 89 547143
or per E-Mail

ACCONSIS on applicant portals

Your tasks at a glance

  • Support and advice to clients
  • Handling the accounting of clients
  • Preparation and preparation of annual financial statements
  • Preparation of wage and salary statements
  • Processing tax returns and checking tax assessments

How do I apply correctly?

When applying, please make sure that your documents, i.e. cover letter, CV and certificates, are complete. Send your application to Ms. Christine Nassl and send it preferably by e-mail to We will take our time to review your application. Therefore, the review of your documents will take some time. As soon as we have made a decision, we will contact you. Until then we ask you for a little patience. In case of a positive feedback, we will invite you to a trial day on site. This will not only give us the opportunity to get to know you personally, but you will also be able to convince us of yourself personally and get a first impression of the training as a tax clerk at ACCONSIS. We look forward to getting to know you!  You can find more information about the job description of a tax assistant and the vocational training under

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