In view of the empty public coffers, associations and non-profit institutions will become increasingly important for society in the future. Already today, without their commitment in the social sector, many offers of help and assistance would not even exist. However, the initiators and those responsible need competent support in administrative, legal and tax matters.

Do non-profit associations need special tax support?

Despite the diversity of their work, they often have similar tax problems. Examples of this are the income and sales tax treatment of the association or foundation’s activities and the safeguarding of non-profit status. In addition, we advise our clients on issues relating to the formation of permissible reserves and the transfer of assets.

Thanks to our many years of cooperation with numerous associations and federations, we have extensive know-how in the area of “Tax Consultancy: Association” and can provide you with individual and optimal advice on the most varied questions of tax structuring and optimisation. To ensure that your association has a long future ahead of it, we also provide you with comprehensive business management advice and meaningful profitability calculations.

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My recommendation

In the context of your association work, do not forget that you may be on an equal footing with companies in business matters. Take the opportunity of a consultation and make sure you secure your position in good time. I would be happy to advise you!