Audit Services
Foundations – New Perspectives for Your Company
In Germany, too, wealthy individuals and companies are shifting their focus to foundations: according to the Association of German Foundations (Bundesverband Deutscher Stiftungen), ten times as many foundations are set up each year as in 2005. And the trend continues. At this time, assets held by German foundations total 140 billion euros.
Tax Consultancy
Competition is a Motivating Factor
The announcement of an audit by the tax office creates uncertainty. That is nothing new. However, there are a lot more reasons to be nervous now than there used to be: increasingly, criminal proceedings against companies and company management are initiated directly based on audit findings.
Consulting Services for Medium-Sized Businesses
Future Competence in Medium-Sized Businesses
They are on the rise and have a strong sense of corporate responsibility. The desire to shape the future is strong And there is no lack of consistent action. The future for SMEs – small- and medium-sized enterprises – looks bright. SMEs continue to strengthen their economic position. This was confirmed by the study "2016 – State of the Small- and Medium-Sized Industry" (Diagnose Mittelstand 2016) conducted by a German banking association (Deutscher Sparkassen- und Giro-Verband, DSGV). This study is based on an analysis of approximately 250,000 corporate balance sheets as well as qualitative interviews with entrepreneurs.