With the following points we want to support you with helpful tips for your personal crisis management.

#1 Liquidity & costs at a glance – create finance plan

  • Application for tax liquidity support
    (reduction of tax advances and deferrals for tax payments)
  • Apply for emergency aid from the federal and state governments
  • Check debtors – Track open invoices.
    In times of crisis, defaults on payments are more frequent. If your customers stop paying, at some point you too will not be able to pay. Therefore we advise you to keep an eye on open invoices – do not wait with payment reminders and reminders. You can use factoring to pre-finance your invoices to get your money faster and reduce the risk of non-payment.
    We are happy to help you with this!
  • Creditors: Extend the due dates of your suppliers and take advantage of them
  • Check your account balance, talk to your bank if necessary and use the offers of the KfW and LfA.
    These special credit programmes can be used for short-term bridging.
  • Talk to your landlord to find out whether it is possible to defer the rent and what the conditions are for this.
    Attention! According to legal regulations, the landlord may demand an interest rate of approx. 8% from commercial tenants. To save liquidity in the short term, this makes sense until a bank or KfW loan has been paid out, but after that a changeover should be made and the rent should be paid again regularly with the help of the loan.
  • Check all operating costs – even small savings should be realized if possible
  • To ensure liquidity, check upcoming investments to see whether they are necessary now or can be postponed to a later date

#2 Employee management

  • Applying for short-time working allowance
    To do this, contact the Federal Employment Agency or your tax advisor.
  • Reduction of overtime of your employees
  • Rapid reduction of vacation days
    This measure is important in order to keep the entitlement to leave days still to be granted as low as possible in the remaining calendar year.
  • Reduction of costs for temporary staff by redistributing the work to your other employees
  • Offer unpaid leave for your employees
  • Examination of the option of short-term company leave

#3 Short-term crisis management – well advised through the crisis

Liquidity support is available through support programmes of the KfW and LfA Förderbank Bayern. However, a bank loan may also be of interest given the current interest rate situation.

A business and finance plan, including a meaningful liquidity plan, is required to apply for a loan from the main bank.

A positive decision is given to anyone who can plausibly present the following information:

  • How would my development have proceeded without the Corona crisis?
  • How much does the crisis affect my company?
  • How will the company develop afterwards?

We would be happy to provide you with information regarding the preparation of the necessary documents or take care of this for you.


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ACCONSIS – Corona Information (Update)

Addition to: Safe through the Corona crisis –
What you as an entrepreneur and freelancer should now pay attention to

After many aid programmes of the Federal Government have been adopted, our update provides you with a summary of the financial aid currently available to companies, the regulations and deadlines that apply to them and how you can make use of them quickly and easily in case of doubt.

In addition, you will find information on insolvency law and an outlook on the situation.

ACCONSIS – Corona Information

Safe through the Corona crisis –
What you as an entrepreneur and freelancer should now pay attention to

This client information provides you with important answers to many questions.