Use government subsidy programmes to provide advice in the corporate crisis.
Consultations are financed by the Federal Office of Economics & Export Control (BAFA)

  • Are you experiencing liquidity problems?
  • Your financing strategy has been thrown off course by the crisis?
  • Has your business model gone off the rails?

Our ACCONSIS team of experts will help you to get an overview again.

For small and medium-sized enterprises and freelancers, there was the promotion of free advice of up to 4,000 euros to help them cope with the consequences of the Corona crisis. This subsidy was discontinued prematurely by BAFA at the end of May 2020, as no additional funds could be made available due to the large number of applications.

However, other existing BAFA modules for the promotion of entrepreneurial know-how will continue to enable the subsidised consulting services at favourable conditions.

These modules are aimed at

  • Start-up company (within the first two years after foundation)
    Maximum eligible consultancy costs: EUR 4 000, maximum grant: EUR 2,000
  • Existing companies
    Maximum eligible consultancy costs: EUR 3 000, maximum grant: EUR 1,500
  • Company in difficulty
    Maximum eligible consultancy costs: EUR 3 000, maximum grant: EUR 2,700

and will be continued unchanged and are still available.

Our consultants help you to identify the right subsidy measures, to apply for subsidies and to use the subsidies, e.g. in liquidity planning, applying for subsidies, financing or analysing and optimising your cost structure.

Overcoming the corporate crisis with advice

Who may advise?

The promotion of professional advisory services is funded by the Federal Government and does not require any contribution from the Federal Government itself. As a consultant for this funding programme you have to be approved for the BAFA programme. The ACCONSIS GmbH fulfils this requirement and supports you in the application process or takes over the application for funding for you.

Concrete examples of subsidised advice:

  • Have you lost track of the possible subsidies?
    We analyse the subsidies and provide support when applying for public funding.
  • You need meaningful operating documents for submission?
    We prepare a business plan for submission to banks and subsidy institutions.
  • You don’t know how to submit suitable applications for subsidies?
    We will submit applications on your behalf for short-time working allowance, immediate assistance, KfW fast loan, LfA Förderbank Bayern, etc.
  • Where can you find appropriate forms?
    Our form service offers deferral applications, letters to the tax office and health insurance companies.
  • Have you lost track of your liquidity?
    We check your liquidity and draw up a liquidity plan to secure your liquidity.
  • What expenditure or income can be expected in the current situation?
    We develop a financial plan that gives you an overview.
  • Which financial strategy is now target-oriented?
    We develop a financial strategy and create planning security.
  • Do you need fresh capital?
    We will inform you about all possibilities of raising capital.
  • How do you currently talk to your bank?
    Our financing advice including support and assistance with bank talks can save you unnecessary negotiations.
  • How do you look for alternative forms of financing to bridge the gap?
    Possibly financing by shifting capital can help. We will examine this possibility.
  • How do you use this crisis as an opportunity to optimise your operating costs?
    We analyse and optimise the cost structure on the basis of existing data (annual accounts, BWA etc.).
  • How do you quickly pick up speed again after the crisis?
    We calculate your investment needs and profitability.

What other key areas of consulting are still being promoted?

With this funding, companies are given the opportunity to receive support in the following areas of consulting

  • economic consulting
  • financial consulting
  • personnel consulting
  • organizational issues of corporate management

What is to be considered?

Please contact our ACCONSIS expert Klaus Nützl immediately!

In consultation with you, we will define your priorities, for which the specific application for funding will also be submitted.

Questions about subsidised advice?

Nicolai Utz

Dipl.-Bankbetriebswirt (BA)
Klaus Nützl
Leitung Immobilien- und Finanzberatung

+ 49 89 547143
or by e-mail

My recommendation

If you need support or have other questions about these topics, please do not hesitate to contact me as soon as possible.
I will be happy to assist you with advice.

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ACCONSIS – Corona Information (Update)

Addition to: Safe through the Corona crisis –
What you as an entrepreneur and freelancer should now pay attention to

After many aid programmes of the Federal Government have been adopted, our update provides you with a summary of the financial aid currently available to companies, the regulations and deadlines that apply to them and how you can make use of them quickly and easily in case of doubt.

In addition, you will find information on insolvency law and an outlook on the situation.

ACCONSIS – Corona Information

Safe through the Corona crisis –
What you as an entrepreneur and freelancer should now pay attention to

This client information provides you with important answers to many questions.