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Foundations –  perspectives for your company
In Germany, too, wealthy individuals and companies are shifting their focus to foundations


Service overview

Overview of our audit 


Reliable contact partner for audit services 

Our experts provide tax, legal and business consulting services.

We carry out audits using an advice-based approach. When a company or similar institution wants to establish a medium-term orientation and risks need to be identified and countered as well as new perspectives developed, we can help with our experience and expertise. 

  1. Auditing: the Cornerstone of our Audit Portfolio

    Traditional mandatory audits, voluntary and statutory audits of annual accounts and consolidated accounts in accordance with US GAAP, HGB and IFRS, audits of interim financial statements and special-purpose balance sheets, as well as special audits and voluntary audits form the basis of our service model. Reviews of control mechanisms and processes are also often at the centre of interest.

    We perform audit tasks for partnerships, limited liability companies, sole proprietorships, associations and foundations.

  2. Business Analyses and Commercial Assessments

    We develop evaluations and assessments based on business criteria for a variety of questions. Our core services include the preparation of corporate finance and corporate governance analyses. A company diagnosis, which includes a comprehensive review of foreseeable risks and the company's ability to succeed, is commissioned in the exploratory stage, before a specific investment strategy is developed. We also assist our clients with the development of the investment strategy; demands on the quality of the determination of the return on investment, for example, are high in competitive markets. We participate in financing activities by checking the rating and creditworthiness and by developing optimisation concepts. In crisis situations, clients also turn to us for the evaluation of reorganisation plans.

  3. Mergers & Acquisitions

    We assist our clients in many ways during acquisitions and sales of companies and shareholdings as well as mergers, spin-offs and management buy-outs, for example – both in Germany and abroad. Due diligence is one of the most important tasks in this respect. Risk constellations are thoroughly analysed and growth potentials determined. We also actively participate in the integration of companies or parts of companies as chartered accountants and consultants.

  4. Reputation and Confidence Building

    Transparency as well as accuracy and reliability of information are a key factor in establishing trust, particularly when dealing with banks or investors. It is therefore important for our clients to create structures and implement systems that support an unbiased and professionally convincing information policy.
    The quality of the audit enhances the reputation of the company. Companies, investors and financial institutions have expressed to us many times how highly regarded our audit opinions are.