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Service overview

Overview of our services in the area of Business Services


Reliable contact partner for Business Services

Our experts provide tax, legal and business consulting services.

We offer a variety of outsourcing services to relieve our medium-sized clients and German subsidiaries of foreign companies of tasks that are not part of their core competencies, such as accounting, personnel management, personnel development and payroll accounting.

  1. Accounting

    For companies who value very lean structures, outsourcing accounting tasks is worthwhile in two respects: First, we relieve them, for example, of tasks related to financial and cash management, including handling/settling of payments, preparing monthly income statements, introducing cost accounting, as well as costing and budgeting, which, in turn, succinctly supports the quality of financial management. Secondly, we also take over commercial dunning procedures for our clients. 

  2. Financial Accounting – Online

    Some of our clients only outsource part of their accounting tasks to us, most often regular financial accounting. Especially in this area, paper is on its way out – physical documents are replaced by digital formats. We offer our clients a complete conversion to digital documents, starting with the scanning of all paper documents through to the storage, processing and evaluation of these documents with state-of-the-art DP systems.

  3. Business Consulting and Services

    In day-to-day business there are often questions that need to be addressed quickly and without much ado. We are here to help with this at any time. Even when it comes to highly complex, specialised questions, we have the right experts in our ranks – you can be confident that your investment preparations are in good hands with us. We carry out profitability analyses and also set up reporting systems in accordance with HGB, US GAAP or IAS/IFRS (this service is also available in English).

  4. Human Resources

    Personnel management comprises a wide range of tasks: from the search for suitable employees to recruiting new staff for permanent positions, including the preparation of employment contracts and all reporting steps, all the way through to payroll accounting. Many of our clients no longer perform these tasks in-house but rather outsource them to us. We also offer recruitment consulting. Together with our clients, we determine the future needs of the company with regard to employees with a certain skills profile. Based on this we develop concepts that show how these target persons can be found and recruited, and transform the insights gained into campaigns.

  5. Services for Foreign Companies in Germany

    Foreign companies who want to set up a branch or a subsidiary in Germany strive to get up and running as quickly as possible. They have a heightened awareness for which tasks should remain in-house to ensure that they are performed successfully and which services should be carried out by other experts who will be able to perform these tasks more cost efficiently and just as good or even better than they would. Human Resources services are especially advantageous during the development phase, when new staff is recruited.