Your employees drive your visions and ideas forward while incorporating their own skills and expertise. Each individual employee can have a positive impact on the company – some will make major contributions. It is therefore worthwhile to pay attention to your employees, to recognise their skills and talents, and to promote team spirit among employees. These are key management aspects. On the other hand, there are plenty of other HR duties and tasks that can be performed very competently, flexibly and at reasonable prices by external parties.


Personnel Selection
Qualified employees are in high demand in Germany. This makes it difficult to find suitable staff who have reasonable wage/salary expectations. We take over this entire process for our clients, from application management, the placement of – increasingly digital – job advertisements, establishing contact with interested parties and screening of applicants to making recommendations to our clients as to which individuals should be invited for interviews. We participate in the interviews or completely take over the interviewing process for our clients. 


Personnel Management
Our personnel management services include all tasks that need to be performed on a daily basis. We also take care of all other personnel correspondence and answer questions from employees. We prepare qualified references and certifications for various interests, trade guilds and authorities.


Payroll Accounting
Payroll accounting is also well-suited for outsourcing. We perform tasks almost "unnoticed", the company saves infrastructures, does not need to use its own staff and thus does not have to worry about finding holiday back-ups and replacements for sick employees. All tasks are performed using the best available technology and at an objectively high level of quality: current payroll accounting, managing accounts, master data maintenance, monthly evaluations with payroll journals, income tax registrations and all other detail work which is carried out with the utmost care.


Recruitment Consulting
When providing recruitment consulting services we apply our professional knowledge to solve recurring tasks. These include, for example, the compilation of recruiting channels which are well-suited and efficient for the company and its staffing needs.
We also support our clients in the area of strategic personnel development, for example by carrying out analyses to determine which skills profiles are crucial for implementing the corporate strategy. Training measures for existing staff and recruiting concepts for winning new employees are derived from this.
We also assist in the development of concepts for performance reviews and their implementation. This way we help to develop and implement a unified personnel policy.


Tailored to the individual needs of our clients
Our service concept, which is comprised of recruitment consulting, personnel selection, personnel management and payroll accounting, is tailored exactly to the individual needs of our clients. With these in mind, we offer ad-hoc services and take over short-term projects but, at the same time, are also available to support you in the long term with regular services.