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Service overview

Overview of our legal consultancy services


Reliable contact partner for legal consultancy services

Our experts provide tax, legal and business consulting services.

Our experts provide tax, legal and business consulting services.

Our clients can rely on us as a key partner with a holistic approach in all legal matters. We assist them with any legal issues they face in their private or business lives. Corporate law, contract law and labour law are just as in demand as inheritance law and general civil law. And, of course, we are also experts in tax law, criminal tax law and in the preparation of voluntary declarations.

  1. Analysis of the Legal Framework

    Companies and private individuals alike are involved in a variety of legal matters. We analyse their legal positions in contractual relationships, lease and loan agreements, liability issues and tax-related matters, among others. The status analysis identifies strengths and weaknesses. Together with our clients we create solution concepts and strategies. This allows us to protect our clients against risks that were not sufficiently considered previously – and often we discover unexpected possibilities and opportunities.

  2. Corporate Law

    Our corporate law consultancy services even go as far as determining the legal form that is best suited for the business purpose of the company. In the case of start-ups, conversions or spin-offs, we provide assistance throughout the entire process.
    In addition to solving questions relating to the establishment of companies or legal entities, we also support our clients in matters regarding the internal and external relations of partnerships and limited liability companies. These include, among others, the preparation and amendment of partnership agreements and management contracts, the organisation of shareholder meetings as well as advice on initial public offerings and liability issues.

  3. Commercial Law

    Our commercial and civil law consultancy services focus on the fundamental protection of tangible and intangible company property. Preventative measures include, for example, the development of general terms and conditions of business. Often, questions concerning purchase, lease, service and employment contracts need to be answered. Debt collection is also a hot topic.

  4. Corporate Transaction

    We take care of the legal aspects of mergers & acquisitions and company transfers to successors or heirs. In the case of acquisitions/sales of companies or shareholdings and company mergers or divisions, we develop strategic alternatives and analyse which options best match the client's goals and potential. We ensure a smooth transaction – from the coordination of the entire M & A process to contract preparation. We also actively participate in negotiations.

  5. Labour Law

    Clarity and consistency in labour law matters facilitate smooth business processes. A lack of knowledge and awareness is often at the root of escalating conflicts between management, employees and the Works Council. "Peacekeeping" starts with clear and unambiguous employment contracts for employees at all levels and in all areas. Sometimes wrong recruitment decisions are made and must be reversed. We can assist you in resolving these matters. Constructive cooperation and a durable relationship between management and the Works Council are often a determining factor for the efficiency of the further development of the company. In this sense, our labour law consultancy services encompass more than just providing legal advice. If confrontations cannot be avoided, we develop deescalation strategies. If these do not resolve the issue, we will fight for your interests in court. Competently and persistently.

  6. Inheritance Law

    Estate planning offers you the possibility to create a long-term concept for the future. Drawing up a will does not have so much to do with death, but rather with life – the life in which the inheritance shall have the best possible impact. At a later point in time, for other people. The right attitude can make a big difference and will make drafting a smart and respectable will much easier. Legal entitlements and other legal implications and fiscal aspects also need to be kept in mind – we will take care of this for you! We can also assist you in the areas of anticipated succession, lifetime gifting, will execution and fiduciary arrangements, as well as health care proxies and living wills.

  7. Mediation and Extrajudicial Conflict Resolution

    Going to court is only the second best solution in many cases – an amicable agreement is often in the best interest of both parties. Therefore, we encourage our clients to come to a common solution and offer the required support. When a lack of trust or hurt feelings are the main obstacle, conflicts often seem irreconcilable and insolvable. An outside party, who is empathetic and has a good understanding of people, can relax tense relations and redirect focus to the actually relevant issues. As mediators, this is our job. Mediation is one of several tools that reflect our views of modern relationship structures in the business world as well as in private life, for example, in inheritance disputes.

  8. Interdisciplinary Competence

    Complex challenges are solved in teams comprised of specialists from various disciplines: lawyers and chartered accountants, tax consultants, businessmen, mediators and other experts. The combination of knowledge from many different areas is crucial for the preparation of risk profiles and the development of strategies with heterogeneous concepts.