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Consulting services for medium-sized businesses:
Future competence in medium-sized businesses
They are on the rise and have a strong sense of corporate responsibility.  

Service overview
Overview of consulting services offered for medium-sized businesses


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Our experts provide tax, legal and business consulting services.

Medium-sized businesses convince with their product expertise and outstanding customer focus. Our consulting services for medium-sized businesses help our clients focus on these strengths. We handle and implement all corporate finance requirements for them, for example. We also help them learn from larger companies, without just copying them.

  1. Prevention Strategies for Times of Growth and Crisis

    Modern medium-sized businesses are very efficient and well-versed in their core competences. They perform many of their services at a speed that is generally unachievable for larger companies, while offering customised solutions for a variety of different customers. However, these businesses don't rest on their laurels –  especially the progressive enterprises among them implement structures and processes that match those of large companies. Our consulting services support them in this pursuit. Particularly in the area of corporate finance, medium-sized businesses are now increasingly measured by the same standards as larger companies: unconditional transparency, target achievement measurement and real-time reporting systems are expected of medium-sized industrial companies these days – especially by banks and investors. Companies who want to finance growth or must overcome a crisis have an enormous advantage when such structures and instruments have been convincingly implemented. Together with our clients, we find the best solutions.

  2. Expansion – At the Product Concept Level and Geographically

    Many medium-sized businesses achieve continuous sales growth through further developments at the product and service level. As long as customers appreciate and are willing to pay extra for product advantages and service, focusing on these strengths makes sense. However, when these higher prices are no longer accepted and a more intense price competition develops, economies of scales must be enhanced in order to improve the cost situation by increasing quantities. In the technical area, shared component concepts may be an option. A more intensive exploitation of the company's target market and, likewise, an expansion of the sales horizon should be kept in mind here too. We can help you with all of this! Whether starting or expanding export activities, we assist our clients with local partners in foreign markets.

  3. Strong Growth – Exhilarating, but a Challenge

    Thanks to their extraordinary competence, medium-sized companies often grow at astounding rates. Here, the problem many of them encounter is that their structures and processes are no longer adequate for the new interaction density and increased throughput volumes. Therefore, one of the consulting services we offer is strategic corporate planning together with company management. This includes determining the effects of growth dynamics, creating solutions and thus ensuring, at an early stage, that sufficient liquidity is available. Very agile companies, in particular, must have extremely reliable strategic planning in place so that they can handle high capital requirements even in unfavourable times.