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Service overview
Overview of our services offered in the area of Private Solutions


Reliable contact partner for Private Solutions
Our experts provide tax, legal and business consulting services.

A small group of private individuals sometimes carries the responsibility to manage a very large estate. We assist our clients with ad-hoc measures as well as long-term family office projects and help them further develop and protect their assets in a forward-looking, smart, entrepreneurial and efficient manner.

  1. Ad-Hoc Asset Development Services

    We don't offer investment advice per se, but develop strategies together with you to safeguard and develop your assets and support you with the selection and monitoring of qualified investment consultants. Our chartered accountants assist our clients with mergers & acquisitions, e.g. with evaluations and due diligence, in order to create a solid evaluation basis for important decision.   

  2. Developing Tax Strategies and Legally Sound Perspectives

    We treat taxes as a critical factor in active asset development and create concepts tailored to your specific needs. We consistently take estates and inheritances into account in your asset strategy, both from a legal and a tax perspective. Our legal consultants defend your interests and protect you against lawsuits and attacks by other parties – if possible before they even happen, through preventative measures.

  3. Trust Services

    Certain tasks we perform for wealthy private clients, such as executorship, require a high level of personal trust. If desired by the client, we act as a proxy in fiduciary matters, exercise shareholder rights or manage third-party assets, for example. 

  4. Multi Family or Single Family Office?

    Which family office is right for you? 
    Where it makes sense, we can assist you with setting up your single family office. If you have a large extended family and complex asset structures, it may make sense to have a dedicated staff that completely focuses on your family or your community of owners.
    It is almost always recommended, however, to start with a multi family office. The service concept of your future single family office will be defined based on practical experience. A team of service providers is then put together and management and control procedures are implemented.

  5. What We Don't Offer

    We don't offer any investment products – neither our own nor products from other parties. We will not advise you in the selection of financial products. We don't receive commissions from anyone for our services – we are only paid by our clients. Our obligation is exclusively to you. We are completely independent and don't answer to anyone else.