1. 1. Ad-Hoc Services for Private Clients

    Our ad-hoc services allow us to assist our clients at important moments in their lives – be it sudden
    opportunities or unexpected risks:

    1. Advice on asset development strategies
    2. Asset performance controlling
    3. Advice on the valuation of companies and shareholdings
    4. Tax advice on how to best handle asset development challenges
    5. Legal advice
    6. Fiduciary services
    7. Setup of foundations


  2. 2. Your Acconsis Family Office

    With our family office we assist our clients with the entrepreneurial management of the owner family.
    We provide strategic services, for example in the areas of asset development and family governance. We also offer a customised service to relieve you of ancillary tasks, such as rental property management or daily payment transactions.

    1. Management of routine family and business tasks
    2. Asset development strategies and controlling
    3. Leadership support in the areas of equity interests and investments
  3. 3. Family Governance

    With family governance, the owner family constitutes itself as a modern, entrepreneurial group of owners. We assist our clients with the setup and continuous further development of their individual family governance. We also manage a multitude of family activities in accordance with the guidelines set out in the family governance:

    1. 3.01 Formulation or amendment of the family code and family values
    2. 3.02 Monitoring of adherence to the family code and family values
    3. 3.03 Preparation of the Partnership Agreement
    4. 3.04 Assistance with the setup of a family council
    5. 3.05 Organisation of family council meetings
    6. 3.06 Setup and management of family meetings
    7. 3.07 Organisation of continuing education opportunities for family members based on the family education strategy for the corporate sector
    8. 3.08 Operational support for charitable actions by the family
    9. 3.09 Setup of a family communication platform (Internet/intranet, bulletin or similar)


    Our family governance services are usually linked to family office management activities.