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Professional management and entrepreneurial culture: families who have significant assets strive for modern management infrastructures that facilitate real-time performance controlling and precise asset management. At the same time, they require a centre that reflects the entrepreneurial culture of the family. This not only portrays the family's self-image but also strengthens the family bond.

Active Asset Management

One of the core tasks of the family office is the further development of assets. We create an asset strategy together with our clients, identify suitable investment consulting partners and monitor the asset development. In the area of financing, we maintain contacts with financial institutions and prepare talks/meetings, whereby our chartered accountants ensure that the highest possible level of quality is met. The asset strategy is developed in coordination with our tax planning service.

Family Governance –  Entrepreneurial Family Culture

The assets form the actual skeleton that formally connects the individual family members with one another. Nowadays, entrepreneurial spirit, common values as well as the family code are very important for emotional cohesion. The family code can be found in the family governance plan for the description of the business concept – it defines conduct guidelines and provides suggestions on how to deal with internal conflicts. We assist our clients with the formulation or amendment of their family governance. We also provide services to help with the operational implementation and with organising family council meetings and other formal family meetings, for example.

Provision of Entrepreneurial Advice

Our family office clients are mostly family entrepreneurs. They own companies or shares in companies – assets which were in many cases built up over multiple generations of family members. Entrepreneurial and shareholding advice is highly sought after, especially when mergers & acquisitions occur. Our chartered accountants jump into action here, for example, in the area of due diligence. To optimise the companies in your portfolio, risk management and cutting-edge reporting systems are implemented. 

Having the Law on Your Side

We routinely consult our legal advice team to ensure that our clients do not experience any unexpected legal issues. It is very important to us that our clients always have the law on their side. During corporate transactions we therefore consult with appropriately qualified legal experts. Our clients also often need help with issues related to company law. And, last but not least, succession and estate planning should be performed ahead of time, whenever possible, not under pressure..

Setting up a Body of Experts

In order to fulfil a multitude of challenging tasks, our clients need specialists as partners. We identify suitable specialist experts and chair the body of experts through which specialist knowledge is compiled and reviewed

Relieve of Routine Tasks

The members of entrepreneurial families have a variety of obligations. They identify routine tasks that we can perform for them to give them some breathing room in their daily lives. Depending on our clients' individual needs, we take over personal payment transactions as well as the management of rental properties, recruit staff and organise holiday back-ups. Our back-office service is not set in stone – the range of services is agreed upon individually with each client.

Official Office for Intensive Marketing Activities

We can set up an official office for entrepreneurial families who regularly require discrete conference facilities and professionally equipped office space, for example during an expansion phase. We provide the personnel and the infrastructure – with everything tailored to the specific needs of the family.