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Acconsis is one of the leading medium-sized businesses to offer tax consultancy, auditing, legal consultancy, and business consultancy as well as related services in Southern Germany. 

Acconsis in brief

Acconsis is headquartered in Munich, with partner offices in all major German cities. We offer a holistic service concept that is based on tax consultancy, legal consultancy, auditing and business consultancy. All shares are held by Shareholder Managing Directors. Management makes independent decisions on all strategic and operational matters.


Globally active

We provide tax consultancy and auditing services with an international perspective to clients who engage in cross-border transactions. We have partner offices in all major European, American, Asian, African and Oceanic markets who are very familiar with local laws and practices.

Shareholders and Managing Directors

Our shareholders are also Managing Directors. The company is owned by those who are responsible for day-to-day operations. They gain insights on what is important to clients, colleagues and co-operation partners on a daily basis.
This ensures proximity to people and transparency with regard to factors that are currently significant to the success of the company. 


We have 85 employees, including: tax consultants and chartered accountants, lawyers, businessmen and other professionals.




Philosophy and values

We are part specialists, part all-rounders. We each have our own individual personalities but are bound together by common ideas and beliefs: we strive to be among the best in our field and want to offer special value to our clients. We take care of one another, are helpful and place great emphasis on community.


Acconsis was formed in 2016 through a management buy-out of a large Munich location of a well-established German corporate group. The Acconsis Shareholder Managing Directors were also Shareholder Managing Directors of the other group and were heavily involved in setting up that group of companies. 

Personal Responsibility

We maintain a modern, cooperative working style which is based on individual initiative, personal responsibility and the social skills that make open collaboration possible. This well-established style gives employees a comparatively large amount of personal freedom. It strengthens identification with one's role in the company, is efficient and promotes consistently high quality.