We are continuously developing our range of services in line with the growing requirements of our clients. We provide support in special consulting fields in which we bundle the interdisciplinary expertise in our company. Companies can rely on our services, which range from start-up scenarios to international expansion. And last but not least, we offer outsourcing services that relieve our clients and German subsidiaries of foreign companies of tasks that are not part of their core competencies.


Modern forward-thinking companies are discovering the many opportunities of digitalization. Whether it’s accounting or payroll, digitized processes create a faster overview and save every company money. ACCONSIS digitalizes your workflow and creates efficiency.

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Sustainability & ESG 

Regardless of the size of the company, customers, business partners, investors and employees expect the company management to act sustainably and the products and services to fulfil ESG criteria. ACCONSIS advises on all steps of individual ESG strategies – from introduction to implementation to auditing.

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Startup & Founders  

Start-ups stand for new beginnings, innovation and growth. The best ideas are of no value if the startup phase of implementation is not successful. ACCONSIS offers a comprehensive “jump-start package” and professional support.

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Cash management hotel & catering industry  

Businesses in the hotel and catering industry have increasingly come under the scrutiny of the tax authorities. In parallel, the tax requirements for businesses have grown steadily. ACCONSIS has created a guide for proper cash management and procedural documentation to critically examine your own operations and act where necessary.

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Internal structures and processes can be streamlined and finance tasks can be partially or completely outsourced to external trained personnel and individuals with the appropriate expertise. Concentrate on your core business – ACCONSIS takes care of everything else.

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Private solutions

A small group of private individuals sometimes bears the burden of  numerous and very large and  assets. We accompany our clients both on a long-term basis in family office projects and with ad hoc measures and support them in protecting and developing their assets in a far-sighted, intelligent and entrepreneurially efficient manner.

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Human Resources  

Employees are a company’s most important asset. However, administrative tasks and daily routines often take over and tie up resources that are lacking in day-to-day business. ACCONSIS supports your professional human resources work.

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International expansion

ACCONSIS supports your expansion into all economic regions of the world. When it comes to export expansion, we accompany our clients directly in the target markets. We also build bridges and offer security when cooperation partners are sought or global sourcing is to be advanced.

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Doing business in Germany

Germany is one of the top investment destinations. However, Germany has a complicated taxation system combined with strict enforcement mechanims. All government communications are carried out in German. At ACCONSIS we are happy to assist you with expanding your business into Germany.

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Procedural documentation

Inadequate procedural documentation can become an annoying and costly matter for any entrepreneur. Only a legally compliant documentation of all company data can prevent damage. ACCONSIS supports you with a holistic consulting approach.

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A tax compliance management system is a set of instructions for employees and legal representatives of a company in dealing with tax issues. ACCONSIS supports you in all steps of the implementation of a tax compliance system.

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Around real estate

Real estate is becoming more and more interesting as a crisis-proof capital investment or as a retirement provision. Through our specialized real estate team consisting of tax advisors, lawyers, financial experts and accountants, we can offer you a comprehensive consulting package from one source and the “lighting” of the property from all angles.

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The “new” transparency register!

On 01 August 2021, the new Transparency Register and Financial Information Act (“TraFinG”) came into force.

This amendment reorganizes and restructures the Money Laundering Act (“GwG”). The reform of the Money Laundering Act means that the beneficial owners of almost all legal entities in Germany must be entered directly and immediately in the transparency register.

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