With various outsourcing offers, we relieve our medium-sized clients and German subsidiaries of foreign companies of tasks that are not part of their core competencies, such as accounting, personnel administration and personnel development, payroll accounting.


Outsourcing accounting is a doubly rewarding step for companies that value very lean structures. Because we relieve them, for example, of the tasks of financial and cash management, including the processing of payment transactions, the preparation of monthly profit and loss statements, the introduction of cost accounting, calculation and budgeting, thus concisely supporting the quality of financial management. We also relieve our clients of the commercial dunning process.

Business management consulting and services

In daily business, questions often arise that need to be answered quickly and without special circumstances. We are always available to our clients for this purpose. Even when questions of a high professional calibre are involved, we have the right experts in our ranks; the preparation of investments is therefore in good hands with us. We carry out profitability analyses. Our services also include setting up reporting systems in accordance with HGB, US-GAAP or IAS / IFRS, also in English.

Services for foreign companies in Germany

Companies from other countries that establish a branch office or subsidiary in Germany want to become operationally active as soon as possible. They have a sharpened awareness of the tasks that they should keep in-house to ensure their success and of those services that other experts can perform more cost-effectively and just as well or better than they can themselves. The Human Resources services are particularly advantageous during the build-up phase, when the staff base is being built up.

Financial Accounting – Online

Some clients also entrust us with only parts of their accounting, preferably with the ongoing financial accounting. Especially in this area, paper is now vehemently on the retreat, the digital form displaces the material solution. We offer our clients the conversion to digital documents, starting with the recording of all receipts by scanner up to storage, processing and evaluation with EDP systems “state of the art”.

Human resources

Personnel administration includes a wide range of tasks: from the search for suitable employees, to recruitment for permanent employment including the drawing up of employment contracts and all reporting steps, to payroll accounting. Many clients no longer keep these tasks in-house, but delegate them to us. In addition, we offer them personnel consulting. Together with our clients, we determine the company’s future need for employees with a special competence profile. On this basis, we develop concepts for identifying and recruiting target persons and implement them in campaigns.