The domestic economy thrives on the fact that creative young entrepreneurs take the daring tightrope walk of self-employment. This requires professional guidance, because the best ideas are worthless if the start-up phase is not successful. ACCONSIS offers special “jump-start packages” for company founders!

Which consulting concept does ACCONSIS pursue?

Our claim is to accompany with passion and commitment, as well as to provide security and orientation with sound expertise. Why? Because we know from experience that rapid growth presents young entrepreneurs in particular with numerous new challenges.

How does ACCONSIS support ambitious start-ups in the start-up phase?

Benefit from our many years of experience in working with founders at all stages of development, from the initial business idea to the sale of the company. ACCONSIS understands the financial challenges that cause every company concern at the beginning. Therefore, we offer innovative fee models adapted to the respective development phase of the company. We offer starter packages in the areas of tax and legal at attractive fixed prices, thus making consulting services predictable and calculable.

What services can ACCONSIS offer?

We provide comprehensive advice in all relevant areas: law, taxes and business management. We create sustainable solutions and would be pleased to support you on your way to the top with the following services: 

  • Foundation of your company with our attorneys
  • Tax consultancy and accounting
  • Employment contracts and participation programmes
  • Corporate planning and controlling
  • Support for financing rounds
  • Sale of shareholdings/exit transactions
  • and much more besides

What services does a founder really need? What happens after a first contact?

ACCONSIS offers free and confidential workshops. Besides getting to know each other personally, the focus is on presenting the ideas and the business model. Because only if we know the needs and goals can we determine a suitable consulting model for you.

Your ACCONSIS contact person

Kerstin Weidenbach-Koschnike
Auditing, Tax consultant
Managing Director of ACCONSIS

+49 89 547143
or per E-Mail

My recommendation

“In the start-up phase, start-ups and founders should focus mainly on tasks such as further development of the product/service, strategy, personnel or marketing. We at ACCONSIS see ourselves as a sparring partner and with our One-Stop-Shop-Philosophy we offer you the legal, fiscal and economic security for the development of your business”.