We make you fit for new markets! Are you planning to expand into all economic regions of the world? Are you planning and making investments abroad? We accompany you in all your expansion plans in new markets. But we also build bridges and offer security when looking for cooperation partners or when global sourcing is to be pushed forward.

In which countries and regions can we service expansions?

In the most diverse cultures on all continents we always have a local partner through the Allinial Global Association. Of course, he or she has a perfect command of the legal and fiscal conditions of the country. In addition, he is a native speaker, familiar with the cultural nuances since childhood, well networked in his home country and well-versed in the local official administration. These are necessary prerequisites for achieving viable solutions as quickly as possible when starting a new business or resolving conflicts.

What influence do I have on the entire process abroad?

Even or especially when our clients manage projects on site in several countries at the same time, which are solved with our Allinial Global Partners, we form the steering centre for our clients. Together with our clients we develop strategies, coordinate all processes and contacts, ensure transparency and solve quality monitoring.

In case of unexpected incidents in a foreign project, we ensure fast, well-organized intervention. Our clients thus have the usual high level of management security. And at the same time maximum competence and effectiveness on site.

Bei unerwarteten Vorkommnissen in einem Auslandsprojekt sorgen wir für schnelle, gut organisierte Intervention. Unsere Mandanten haben so die gewohnt hohe Führungssicherheit. Und zugleich maximale Kompetenz und Wirkungsfähigkeit vor Ort.

What is Allinial Global?

Allinial Global is a worldwide organization of auditors and tax consultants who are entrepreneurially independent and autonomous. They cooperate with each other across borders; some of the cooperations have already proven themselves successfully for several decades.

The cooperation partners – some of them have been working together for several decades – continuously coordinate with each other, and this very intensively. In this way, the partners develop common ideas of professional services that can be successfully implemented interculturally.

Your ACCONSIS contact person

Kerstin Weidenbach-Koschnike
Auditing, Tax consultant
Managing Director of ACCONSIS

+49 89 547143
or per E-Mail

My recommendation

“In a networked world, global marketplaces of undreamt-of opportunities are available to you and your company. Opportunities that should not be missed. We will support you in entering your new markets!“

The exchange of experience among the members of Allinial Global, which is fed by activities in all economic regions of the world, strengthens the members’ competence in international issues. Our personal cooperation experience with partners from Allinial Global now goes back more than 20 years.

Stefan Herzer, Member of the Board of ACCONSIS Holding AG

International Partnership

In Allinial Global, members find a platform that makes it much easier for them to find new cooperation partners with a worldwide horizon. The regular international meetings give cooperating members the opportunity to deepen the exchange of experience in personal encounters and to continuously develop the coordination with each other.

The conferences also offer members the opportunity to jointly focus on current challenges.

Proximity of the Allinial Global members to their customers

The services for the clients are always provided by the members as independent companies, on their own account, responsibility and liability, not by Allinial Global. It never steps between its members and their clients. This supports not least the high degree of client proximity of the auditors and tax consultants to their international clients.