At ACCONSIS we are happy to assist you with expanding your business into Germany!

Among the top 10 biggest economies in the world Germany is the only country with a stable Triple-A (AAA) credit rating. The „Made in Germany“ label – which includes leading brands such as Adidas, Allianz, Audi, BMW, SAP – inspires confidence in products and services. For all these reasons and more, Germany is one of the top investment destinations.

What are the difficulties of Doing Business in Germany?

Germany has a complicated taxation system combined with strict enforcement mechanims. It is believed that up to 70% of the world’s literature on taxation is in German. Luckily, we have numerous qualified tax advisors who can assist.

The language barrier – all government communications are carried out in German.

Last but not the least the relatively complicated and expensive labour market.  

How ACCONSIS can help grow your business in Germany

ACCONSIS is an independent accounting, auditing, tax and law firm with a deep understanding of the various essential and the most challenging aspects of issues that corporations face when starting up in Germany.

With our local experience and the benefit of our strong international background we are well positioned to support our clients with their global growth. Therefore, we have developed a dedicated business unit „International Desk“ offering:

  • Corporate legal & Compliance
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Global HR solutions & Labour law

Our offer – your benefits

The first step to setting up a business in Germany is to decide on the legal entity of the business. The most popular business entities are Branch, GmbH, AG and GmbH & Co. KG).

Our lawyers help you with company incorporation, the articles of association, other various agreements and the legal registration of your entity. In addition, ACCONSIS provides domicilation services, making its premise available as a registered office address.

Managing staff overseas might be both the most essential and the most challenging aspect of expansion. With our support, you can be certain you are always in control all aspects of your staff in Germany – Payroll, Employment agreements, Employee benefits and more.

From basic or complex accounting to reporting and cash management, ACCONSIS offers the perfect solution. We provide various financial reporting and the preparation/filling of annual financial statements in line with German generally accepted accounting principles (German GAAP) as well as monthly/annual tax returns in accordance with German tax law.

Your ACCONSIS contact person

Kerstin Weidenbach-Koschnike

Kerstin Weidenbach-Koschnike
Auditing, Tax consultant
Managing Director of ACCONSIS

+ 49 89 547143
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We at ACCONSIS share a common goal to build trust and provide practical solutions for our clients. With ACCONSIS at your side, you will get the successful start in our country that you desire.

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