ACCONSIS digitizes your workflow and creates efficiency!

The days of the paper shuttle folder are over. Modern future-oriented companies are discovering the many opportunities offered by digitization! No matter if accounting or payroll accounting. Digitized processes create a faster overview and save every company money!

How do we support you in this?

Our goal is to help our clients actively convert to digital business management. We accompany the processes in the change and create future solutions together with you. It is important to us to make our cooperation more efficient and, if the processes are adhered to, also more cost-effective. The time spent on invoicing, processing incoming invoices, documentation, bookkeeping or controlling should be reduced to a minimum.

Is it possible to destroy the paper documents in the future?

Provided that a functioning process for the digitalization of the documents has been set up, a procedural documentation has been written and is lived, the physical documents can actually be destroyed. We would be pleased to support you in these processes.

Do certain technical requirements have to be met?

ACCONIS cooperates with DATEV and relies on the software “Enterprise online”. As this is a cloud solution, you only need an internet connection and a scanner with multiple infeed to digitize the documents.

What are the advantages?

  • No investment costs
  • Original documents do not leave the company
  • The bookkeeping can be processed continuously, i.e. current evaluations can be viewed online & with protected access at any time
  • Audit is carried out on the basis of the digital documents, i.e. heavy file folders or boxed documents are a thing of the past
  • Free app for uploading receipts to your smartphone
  • Audit-proof cash accounting according to GobD
  • Up-to-date overview of open outgoing invoices and unpaid supplier invoices for better liquidity management
  • Integrated bank program (DATEV Bank-online) – depending on the bank, possibly limited functions
  • Fast finding of documents in the audit-proof document archive

Are there any other software products that support digitisation?

  • DATEV Auftragswesen next: Creation of outgoing invoices (from quotation to reminder)
  • DATEV SmartTransfer: Digital invoice release, invoice dispatch
  • DATEV Document2posting: Use existing interface to an upstream system, for example, merchandise management

Is it also possible to digitize the payroll records?

In Enterprise  Online the following variants are possible:

  • Recording the movement and master data of the employees
  • All wage evaluations are available online (10 years of storage)
  • Keeping a digital personnel file
  • Salary transfers are automatically available for approval in DATEV Bank-online
  • Employee-online: Employees get digital access to their pay slips

Your ACCONSIS contact person

Claudia Goerge

Claudia Goerge

+49 89 547143
or per E-Mail

My recommendation

“Think about the last time you booked a hotel by written letter, folded a map or looked for a phone number in the Yellow Pages? Digitalisation brings many conveniences and in many cases makes life easier. Why don’t you use this for the processes in your company as well?”

Digital DATEV Law Firm

We have already supported many companies in the digitalisation of their commercial processes and can draw on our extensive experience in this field.

For this expertise we have been awarded the label “Digital DATEV Law Firm 2019 – 2024” by DATEV.

My experience with ACCONSIS

Isabella Hren
Bayerische Tourist GmbH.

“Our cooperation covers several levels. ACCONSIS is a premium partner of DEHOGA Bayern. The association’s partner program is managed by BTG. In addition, we are customers of ACCONSIS with all GmbHs and the AG.”

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