Advantages and disadvantages of a sensible real estate investment

In times of low interest rates, real estate has become more and more interesting as a capital investment. Real estate buyers receive support from us, which they have to pay attention to when buying a house or an apartment as a crisis-proof capital investment or as a retirement provision.

Through our specialized real estate team consisting of tax advisors, lawyers, financial experts and accountants, we can offer you a comprehensive consulting package from one source and the “lighting” of the property from all angles. Together with you we will examine the.

On which topics can we support you?

How do I find the “right” property?

Based on the individual goals and wishes, we advise on the choice of the optimal location, the selection and the type and size of the property (residential property, commercial property, holdings, nursing apartments, real estate funds, etc.).

We offer a marketplace for our clients – from clients for clients.

With our internal database platform, we can provide support in buying and selling. Our offer is extended by selected cooperations and partners in this field.

My assessment

“Low supply and high demand leads to high prices.”

1.85 million inhabitants are expected to live in Munich in 2040. More than 20,000 new housing units would have to be built each year to meet the housing needs. Despite increasing construction activity, only about 11,000 residential units can currently be created. More than 9,000 residential units are missing. Despite already high real estate prices, the shortage of living space is contributing to the fact that the situation will not ease in the near future. Real estate prices in the Greater Munich area will probably remain at a high level. Not least supported by the ECB’s continuing zero-interest policy.

Your ACCONSIS contact person for tax advice

Andreas Jovanic

Andreas Jovanic

Main focus:
Real estate valuation, Purchase price allocation (land/building), inheritance/ gift tax

+49 89 547143
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Your ACCONSIS contact person for real estate and financial consulting

Klaus Nützl

Dipl.-Bankbetriebswirt (BA)
Klaus Nützl
Head of real estate and financing consulting
Managing Director of ACCONSIS GmbH Steuerberatungsgesellschaft 

+ 49 89 547143
or per E-Mail

How do we support you further?

Property valuation

Here we analyse the history of the property, the location and layout of the land, environmental factors, and above all the residential area. The achievable rent and thus the earning power and yield of the property depend on these factors.

Together with our network partners, such as architects, we also provide support with viewing appointments, clarification of construction defects, document check during purchase (declaration of division, minutes of owners’ meetings, NK accounting and energy certificate, current rental agreement, extract from the land register, building description, etc.)

Purchase price allocation – how do you proceed?

Splitting the total purchase price for determining the depreciation assessment basis into the land portion & the building portion

Long gone are the days when a “lump sum division” in the ratio 70/30 or even 80/20 in favor of the building share is accepted by the tax office without any problems.
Lump-sum splits almost always lead to time-consuming correspondence after the tax return has been submitted and, in some cases, are even rejected by the tax offices’ own specialist departments through expert opinions.

In this special and always controversial topic, you should ideally involve us BEFORE the conclusion of the notarial purchase agreement, preferably from the moment you become aware of a real estate purchase.

Due to the BFH ruling from 2015, the tax authorities assume a purchase price allocation in the notarial purchase agreement, unless it is obviously incorrect.

The calculation aid of the purchase price allocation requires special information and knowledge from the tax real estate valuation (partly chargeable information). Building law can also play a decisive role.

It should also be noted that purchase price allocations already made can be changed every year; the initial allocation is therefore not fixed.

Our specialized colleagues at the Competence Center “All About Real Estate” will take over the calculations of the optimal purchase price allocation for determining the depreciation assessment basis.

Here we can help you save a lot of trouble and money.

Financial advice

Together with you, we examine various scenarios for feasibility and coordinate them with the bank. In particular, questions regarding the interest rate, fixed-interest period, redemption rate, etc. are used to determine the most favourable equity ratio.

We help with the financial plan, profitability calculations and planning, rental factor and rental yield, liquidity calculations and planning, forecast calculations and best-case/worst-case scenarios, tax considerations and value development.

We accompany you in the acquisition of real estate and the associated financing, and examine the possibilities and limits of real estate financing within the framework of your overall financial and asset situation.

Preparation, examination and comparison of different terms and annuities. On request, we also accompany your bank discussions and financing negotiations.

Further support

  • Tax optimisation for maintenance/renovation measures
  • Monitoring of rent indexation, rent index, rent increase
  • Adjustment of rental contracts and interest
  • Optimization of follow-up financing, prolongation
  • Financing and loan controlling
  • Tax-optimized sale and monitoring of allowances and time limits
  • Advice on all legal issues: rental contract, property management, authorities (monument protection), legal disputes with craftsmen etc.

Purchase advice

We check the draft purchase agreement for you, eliminate and optimise pitfalls and prepare your notary appointment.

We pay special attention to the purchase price breakdown (division of land and buildings), as well as to land transfer tax and property tax.

There is a lot of potential for tax optimisation of depreciation (AfA).

Internal family restructuring

We can advise you on tax-optimised real estate transfers within the family circle with regard to the following points, but also on the desire to sell real estate (valuation, recommendation of experts).

  • Planning the transfer of property to subsequent generations and drawing up wills or corresponding provisions in partnership agreements
  • Living transfer of real estate (donation) subject to usufructuary rights and conditions for the financial provision of the donors
  • Valuation of real estate for inheritance tax and gift tax purposes and determination of the potential tax burden
  • Preparation of the gift tax and inheritance tax return
  • Use of new depreciation potential/ liquid funds released: advice on new alternative investments, retirement provisions, withdrawal plans with/without consumption of assets
  • Property tax reform 2022: Support in the preparation of the assessment declaration up to the assessment review.