Individual advice and comprehensive tax, legal and financing services – from a single source

Whether you are a homeowner, a landlord or part of a community of heirs with an extensive real estate portfolio – they will all confirm this: Real estate ownership can pose considerable tax, legal and financial challenges.

In order to provide you with long-term economic support for your property ownership, it is particularly important to regularly review and optimize your current situation in connection with the acquisition or sale, ongoing tax management or transfer of your property.

Thanks to our specialist real estate team consisting of tax advisors, lawyers, financial experts and accountants, we can offer you a comprehensive package of advice from a single source and manage your property from a legal and tax perspective.

Buying or selling real estate

  • We support you with your real estate financing: preparation, examination and comparison of different financing options; optimization of your follow-up financing.
  • Legal advice on all aspects of the purchase contract and preparation of your notary appointment.
  • We pay particular attention to advising on the purchase price allocation of land and buildings in order to optimize depreciation for tax purposes.
  • Tax advice on the use of depreciation potential and tax-optimized disposal; monitoring of allowances and time limits.
  • Advice on achieving a sustainable and ESG-compliant real estate portfolio; preparation of climate protection roadmaps.

Tax support

Our tax experts will advise and support you according to your individual needs:

  • Tax optimization for planned maintenance and renovation measures.
  • Preparation of your tax returns (Annex V), including optimization of deductible income-related expenses.
  • Taking over the ongoing accounting and tax management of your rental properties with the support of your property management company.

Real estate transfer

  • Forward-looking planning for the transfer of assets to future generations.
  • Anticipated succession subject to usufruct rights and conditions for the financial provision of the donor.
  • Preparation of your will or corresponding provisions in partnership agreements.
  • Organization of family assets for tax optimization of anticipated succession, also by means of a family company/family pool.
  • Valuation of real estate for inheritance tax and gift tax purposes and determination of the potential tax burden.
  • Preparation of gift tax and inheritance tax returns.

ACCONSIS supports you with customized consulting services according to your individual needs. You can rely on our many years of experience and expertise in this area of consulting!

Your ACCONSIS contact for tax advice on your real estate assets:

Andreas Jovanic

Andreas Jovanic

Focal points:
Real estate valuation, purchase price allocation (land/building), inheritance/gift tax

+49 89 547143
or via e-mail

Your ACCONSIS contact for real estate and financing advice:

Klaus Nützl

Dipl.-Bankbetriebswirt (BA)
Klaus Nützl
Leitung Immobilien- und Finanzierungsberatung
Geschäftsführer der ACCONSIS GmbH Steuerberatungsgesellschaft

+ 49 89 547143
or via e-mail