Foundations have a long tradition as starting points for positive and constructive social participation. Their history dates back to antiquity. Today, according to the Federal Association of German Foundations, there are more than 22,000 legally responsible foundations under civil law throughout the country.

The executive board of a foundation has the task of investing the assets as securely and profitably as possible. The interest income generated from the investment as well as other financial resources (for example from endowments and donations) are used to directly fulfil the purpose of the foundation. However, the capital stock raised by the founder is always left untouched.

Legitimate foundation under civil law:

It comes into being through the establishment of a foundation business and a foundation charter and must be notarised by the foundation supervisory authority. If one speaks of a foundation, this legal form is meant in most cases.

Trust foundation:

This type of foundation is often referred to as a dependent, non-legally capable or fiduciary (trust) foundation. This is due to the fact that the founder (the fiduciary) does not provide his assets directly, but transfers them to a trustee (the fiduciary), who manages and invests them independently of his own assets in accordance with the foundation’s articles of association.

ACCONSIS has many years of experience in the establishment, supervision and management of foundations.

Die ACCONSIS verfügt über einen langjährigen Erfahrungsschatz in der Gründung, Begleitung und Verwaltung von Stiftungen.

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My recommendation

Especially in the function as a trustee of a foundation one bears a lot of responsibility. No matter whether legal issues, tax or business management topics: the area of responsibility is manifold. With accompanying advice from our experts, you will maintain an overview and the responsibility is thus also more widely spread. You are welcome to talk to me about this!

My experience with ACCONSIS

Dr. Ute Richter, Charlotte and Hermann Schober Foundation

“Our confidence in the cooperation with Mr. Herzer and ACCONSIS is so great that it can happen that meetings are postponed if he is suddenly prevented from attending.”

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