The manufacturing industry has changed considerably in the course of globalisation. The worldwide competition for customers and market share is constantly presenting the manufacturing industry with new challenges. Digitalization has established itself as a central topic and is a decisive factor in the well-being of many companies. It is important to see the challenges as an opportunity despite tougher competitive pressure.

What can be deduced from this?

In order to take advantage of market opportunities, the manufacturing industry relies on integrated solutions.  This requires reliable and active strategic partners who understand the needs of the processing industry and can offer solutions.

What is ACCONSIS’ self-image?

ACCONSIS sees itself as an innovative consulting firm that is committed to offering first-class consulting services in the areas of law, auditing, tax consulting and business management consulting. In order to do justice to this, ACCONSIS not only has experience in the relevant markets, but also experts who develop integrated and sound consulting concepts for and with the client.

What signs does ACCONSIS set?

ACCONSIS puts its own self-image into practice every day. This is demonstrated by regular free INSIDE events on current hot topics as well as the continuous development of the future workshop. We would be pleased to welcome you personally at one of our events.

How does ACCONSIS support the manufacturing industry?

With its experienced team of experts, ACCONSIS is in a position to offer, develop and assist in the implementation of needs-based consulting services in the areas of law, tax, auditing and business management consulting from a single source.

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Just drop by one of the many exciting INSIDE events and convince yourself personally of our team, which will be available to answer your questions at any time.