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All around the mini-job! Current labour law

From 01 October 2022, the statutory minimum wage will increase to EUR 12 per hour. At the same time, the remuneration for mini-jobs will be increased from EUR 450 to EUR 520 per month.

In connection with the mini-job, there are a number of things to consider from an employment law perspective. Our specialist lawyer for labour law Christian Seidel gives tips on the following questions:

  • Written employment contract for mini-jobbers?
  • Recording of working hours?
  • Other occupations of the mini-jobber?

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Energetic renovation measures: How can real estate owners benefit from a tax perspective?

Since 2020, energetic renovation measures on the owner-occupied home have been eligible for tax incentives for ten years. Corresponding expenses can be deducted directly from the tax liability.

  • Which measures are subsidized?
  • What should be considered?
  • What alternative funding options are there?

Our experts around the property give you tips and answers to 10 questions from the practice of tax incentives for energy refurbishment of your home, including possible financing alternatives.

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Bureaucratic monster for employers? Employment contracts must comply with stricter requirements as of 1 August

Evidence Act: Employment contracts must be put to the test with regard to mandatory transparent working conditions

From 1 August 2022, the amended regulations of the Verification Act will apply. The background to this is the EU Directive 2019/1152 (Working Conditions Directive), which comes into force on 31 July 2019.

For employers, this means that they have to check their employment contracts to see whether they still comply with the new regulations. Unfortunately, the legislator has left many questions unanswered in the implementation of the directive, which is why we receive a large number of enquiries in this regard. For this reason, we briefly present the current state of affairs.

What has changed?

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Inheriting debts: what you can do to prevent this from happening!

An inheritance – despite all the personal tragedy – is often a financial blessing for the heirs. Never before has so much wealth been inherited in Germany as at present. However, there is also the other case: the testator or the testatrix – e.g. one’s own parents or spouse – had nothing but a mountain of debt.

What happens then? Does one automatically remain “stuck” with the debts and may be liable with one’s entire private assets, e.g. for the inherited debts of one’s parents or deceased spouse? Or is there something you can do about it?

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Tastatur mit "Overtime"-Taste

Current BAG ruling on overtime: Burden of proof not on the employer!

Overtime and its compensation are often the cause of disputes between employees and employers. This is especially true when overtime is still “on the books” after a dismissal and ex-employees want to be paid for this overtime.

But who has to prove whether overtime was actually worked? So far, it has been the employee.

And that has not changed even after the time clock ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Union (ECJ), the Federal Labour Court ruled (BAG, Verdict v. 04. 05. 2022, Az.: 5 AZR 359/21).

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