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Will Turkey become the new Switzerland?

To the topic data exchange (with Turkey) the Bavarian broadcast reports on the topic “tax evasion: Turkey also reports soon account data” on B5 aktuell, as well as the BR24 App.

The contribution is based on an interview on the current situation with Dr. Christopher Arendt, specialist lawyer for tax law of ACCONSIS in Munich. Dr. Christopher Arendt explains in detail

  • who is affected by data exchange with Turkey?
  • what can happen if you do not react in time?
  • which experiences and particularities already exist with Turkish clients?

All information of the BR contribution, as well as the entire interview.

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Data exchange with Turkey: voluntary disclosure protects against prosecution

In the middle of this year, the Federal Ministry of Finance declared that the Automatic Exchange of Information (AIA) will be expanded to include new countries from autumn 2020. The focus will be on data exchange with Turkey.

We have therefore asked Dr. Christopher Arendt, attorney, tax law specialist and managing director of ACCONSIS in Munich, for an interview.

What does that mean concretely?

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Bridging aid Corona (Phase 2) is extended, expanded and simplified

On September 18, 2020, the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) informed about the extension and expansion of the bridging assistance provided by the Federal Government for the months September to December 2020, whereby the access conditions will be lowered and the assistance expanded.

The aid programme (Bridging Assistance II) supports small and medium-sized enterprises as well as solo self-employed and freelancers who are particularly hard hit by the measures to combat corona with non-repayable grants towards fixed operating costs. Depending on the level of the fixed operating costs, companies can receive up to 200,000 euros in funding for the four months.

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