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Sale of privately owned real estate

What should you bear in mind for income tax purposes when selling property as a private asset? Unfavorably chosen constellations can also have far-reaching consequences for you in the future.

In principle, the increase in value of real estate is subject to income tax at the individual personal tax rate, provided that there are no more than 10 years between acquisition and sale (speculation period). This applies to land and buildings. However, rights equivalent to real estate – such as heritable building rights – can also be subject to speculation taxation upon sale.

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Germany’s best tax consultants and auditors: ACCONSIS honoured several times

At ACCONSIS, we constantly strive to impress our clients with our in-depth expertise and outstanding advisory services. We are therefore particularly proud that our efforts have been recognised accordingly. In 2024, ACCONSIS is once again one of the consulting firms in Germany that has received multiple awards, with four prestigious seals of approval from manager magazin, Handelsblatt, F.A.Z. and FOCUS.

Each award is “special” and our specialist areas have to fulfil a wide range of criteria.

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How and when should real estate be transferred within the family?

Owning a home often plays a central role in the lives of many families. Whether for their own use or as an investment, their own four walls should also offer their descendants stability and security.

To ensure that this also works in reality, the issue of transferring a property should be addressed at an early stage. In this way, the tax planning potential can be exploited and high inheritance tax can often be avoided or at least significantly reduced.

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Skilled Immigration Act 2024: 2nd stage since the beginning of March

Since November 2023, the first adjustments to the right of residence under the Skilled Immigration Act have taken effect. Since the beginning of March 2024, further regulations have been in place to facilitate the immigration of skilled workers in order to counteract the shortage of skilled workers.

In this article, you can find out what changes this second stage entails and what advantages the law has for employers.

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Tax investigation targets online poker: When the game gets serious.

At the end of 2023, numerous online poker players who had carried out their activities on various platforms received mail from the tax investigation authorities. Some of these players were asked to complete a questionnaire regarding their poker activities. Others were immediately confronted with the opening of criminal proceedings on suspicion of tax evasion. But what is actually behind these incidents? This article will provide you with comprehensive information.

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