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Crypto, NFT, virtual currencies and other tokens: what does the current BMF letter say?

The new BMF letter “Einzelfragen zur ertragsteuerrechtlichen Behandlung von virtuellen Währungen und von sonstigen Token” has meanwhile also been published. Below you will find my brief and initial assessment of the letter of the Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF).

Our expert Dr. Christopher Arendt answers important questions about this. Read more here.

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Income tax return 2021: How do I take my crypto investments into account?

With an estimated 5,000,000 people in Germany investing in the crypto world, many will soon be asking the question, “How do I account for my crypto investments in my 2021 income tax return?” Some individuals will have to make sometimes substantial tax payments as a result of their crypto investments and will thus also be required to file an income tax return in due time.

Our expert Dr. Christopher Arendt answers important questions about this. Read the interview with him.

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Facility-based mandatory vaccination against Corona: authorities get serious!

Since March 16, 2022, the facility-based vaccination obligation has been in effect: employers must report to the health department all employees* – including all external service providers in the company (!) – who have not been vaccinated against the Corona virus, have not recovered, or have not been vaccinated for medical reasons.

Now the first cases are landing on lawyers’ desks!

District offices are sending letters offering advice and initiating the hearing process to employees* who had not provided their employer with the appropriate proof.

What are the possible consequences? What do employers need to be aware of?

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Einrichtungsbezogene Impfpflicht

Facility-based mandatory vaccination: individual consultation hours for your employees

Compulsory vaccination for healthcare workers is currently the talk of the town and the subject of heated debate. In fact, there are still employees who do not want to be vaccinated against the coronavirus – even in health-sensitive professions. Whether employers understand this or not is a moot point. Either way, you have to deal with the situation.

For this reason, we have developed a consulting offer for you as an employer that supports you in mastering the balancing act between the “obligation to report”, the threat of fines, and the interest in continuing to operate in a regulated manner in your company with your existing employees.

In an individual consultation hour for affected employees, attorney and specialist attorney for labor law Christian Seidel answers their most urgent questions and develops solutions that satisfy all sides.

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Tax-free benefits in kind – increase of the exemption limit

Since January 01, 2022, the limit for tax-free benefits in kind has been raised from 44 EUR to 50 EUR per month.

The 30% flat-rate tax is not applied if the employer provides non-cash benefits to employees that do not qualify as non-cash benefits subject to payroll tax. Likewise, benefits in kind taxed at a flat rate in accordance with Section 40 of the German Income Tax Act (EstG) and company benefits in kind are not taken into account when reviewing the EUR 50 exemption limit.

Which non-cash benefits within the 50 EUR exemption limit are favored? Some possibilities:

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Energetic renovation of the home and its financing

n principle, craftsmen’s services on properties used for one’s own residential purposes are only taken into account for tax purposes to a very limited extent.

However, if one observes important prerequisites, plans the measures accordingly and provides the necessary evidence, renovation costs can certainly be deducted from tax. In addition, there are interesting alternatives to tax incentives.

10 practical questions on the energy-efficient renovation of your own home – our experts on all aspects of real estate will give you the answers.

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