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ACCONSIS is a holistic consulting company based in Munich.
More than 130 experts in the business areas of auditing, tax and legal consulting,
as well as in business and financing consulting set the decisive
and always think one step ahead in order to develop needs-based service solutions for all clients.
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Contesting a will: What you need to know and bear in mind

Wills are always a cause of dispute and anger among relatives of a deceased person. And it is not uncommon for relatives to want to contest a will. The motives for contesting a will are then very different.

However, it is not always possible and/or sensible for a relative to contest a will. In this article, we therefore answer the most important questions on the subject of “contesting a will”.

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ACCONSIS honoured as “TOP tax consulting and auditing firm 2024”

The F.A.Z.-INSITUT and the renowned market research company statista rank ACCONSIS among the best tax consultants and auditors in 2024.

This award is based on a survey conducted in summer 2023, to which around 15,000 experts from tax consulting and auditing firms as well as business and corporate clients were invited. Over 3,000 took part in the survey.

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Tax evasion & voluntary disclosure – what you should know!

Many people associate the topic of tax evasion with celebrities who “end up” in prison for a certain period of time with a lot of hype in the tabloids. We remember, for example, soccer managers, ex-professional tennis players or star chefs who were tried for tax evasion, sentenced to prison and had to spend some time in jail.

However, tax evasion is by no means a crime that only affects the “rich and famous”. Ordinary citizens and entrepreneurs can also find themselves accused of tax evasion – and sooner than they think! – be accused of tax evasion. This can happen if tax returns are not submitted on time, if there is a suspicion of bogus self-employment or if you have received child benefit without authorization. There are many ways to commit tax evasion – for everyone.

In this article, we have compiled the most important information on the subject of tax evasion so that you know when the ice becomes thin, i.e. when you could be threatened with criminal tax proceedings, and how you should behave in such a situation.

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Familie Haus Sanieren Energieeffizient

Funding opportunities 2023: The innovations for energy-efficient construction and renovation for property owners at a glance

In 2023, homeowners and prospective property owners in Germany will have a wide range of opportunities to take advantage of financial incentives for energy-efficient construction and renovation. Families in particular will benefit from new KfW programs offering low-interest loans and extended credit terms. These support measures are part of a comprehensive strategy to promote sustainable real estate projects and environmental protection. Find out details about the innovations and opportunities in the following article and take advantage of the opportunities!

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Termination without notice due to chat comments: Current labor law ruling creates clarity!

Focus on the BAG ruling from August 24, 2023

In a recent employment law case, an employee was terminated without notice after insulting, racist, sexist and violence-glorifying remarks surfaced in a chat group with colleagues. The members of the group were long-time friends and colleagues, but the employer learned of the remarks and terminated the employee.

Would you like to know the background to the case and the consequences under labor law?
In this article, you can read how and on what basis the Labor Court, the Regional Labor Court and the Federal Labor Court have ruled and what significance the ruling has for employers!

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