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Secretly recording a conversation at the workplace: Can employees be dismissed (without notice)?

Discussions between employers or supervisors and employees are often delicate. If conflicts are smouldering or have already erupted in the working relationship, they can become very verbal.

It is not uncommon for employees to reach for their smartphones and secretly record conversations with their employers or superiors that are supposed to be confidential. Why? For example, to collect “evidence” of misconduct by the employer for proceedings before the labour court. 

A reason to dismiss employees without notice – or not? It depends, as a recent ruling on this issue shows.

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Labour law: current case studies and judgments

Read the background and rulings on exciting issues that concern employees and employers alike:

  • What happens to already granted leave during a quarantine order?
  • Dismissal without notice even in the case of embezzlement of low-value amounts?
  • Dismissal without notice for reading and passing on someone else’s e-mail?
  • Can interns also be entitled to minimum wage?
  • Secret recording conversation at work: Can employees be dismissed (without notice) for this reason?

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Employment of working students – what to bear in mind

For employers as well as for students, a working student contract is an interesting thing. Employers have fewer ancillary wage costs, and students have more net left over from the gross of their salary.

To do everything right from a tax perspective, employers need to pay attention to some important issues.

Read more about the necessary evidence and specifications for working hours.

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Crypto, NFT, virtual currencies and other tokens: what does the current BMF letter say?

The new BMF letter “Einzelfragen zur ertragsteuerrechtlichen Behandlung von virtuellen Währungen und von sonstigen Token” has meanwhile also been published. Below you will find my brief and initial assessment of the letter of the Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF).

Our expert Dr. Christopher Arendt answers important questions about this. Read more here.

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Income tax return 2021: How do I take my crypto investments into account?

With an estimated 5,000,000 people in Germany investing in the crypto world, many will soon be asking the question, “How do I account for my crypto investments in my 2021 income tax return?” Some individuals will have to make sometimes substantial tax payments as a result of their crypto investments and will thus also be required to file an income tax return in due time.

Our expert Dr. Christopher Arendt answers important questions about this. Read the interview with him.

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