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Federal Labor Court (BAG) ruling: Vacation is only time-barred after notice from the employer

Whether and when vacation becomes time-barred is a question that can of course also be of burning interest to employers: After all, whether their own employees are still entitled to vacation or not can become relevant above all if an employee leaves the company and in this context asserts claims for vacation compensation.

In this respect, the question of whether and, if so, when vacation claims can become time-barred is a matter of legal certainty for employers, but also of hard cash. For this reason in particular, the landmark ruling of the Federal Labor Court ( (Bundesarbeitsgericht – BAG, ruling dated December 20, 2022, ref.: 9 AZR 266/20) was long awaited as a landmark ruling.

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Innovations in 2023 for sick leave and social insurance

Important changes will come into effect for employers and employees in 2023:

The paper sick bill – the famous “yellow bill” – will be abolished for those with statutory health insurance and replaced by an electronic certificate of incapacity to work. For employers, participation in the digital process will be mandatory from 2023.

New contribution assessment thresholds will apply to the calculation of health and pension insurance.

Further details:

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Erinnerungsschreiben Corona-Soforthilfe

Corona emergency aid – who is facing repayment?

In the first months of the Corona crisis, the government granted emergency aid to smaller companies and solo self-employed persons who found themselves in an existential emergency. Eligibility to apply for Corona emergency aid was conditional on the existence of a short-term liquidity shortage. According to the approval notice, all recipients of emergency aid are obliged to check whether the predicted liquidity bottleneck has actually occurred.

Since November 28, 2022, the Government of Upper Bavaria has been sending out reminders of this obligation to verify the Corona emergency aid received. The aim is to ensure that funds have not been paid out unjustifiably or too much.

Now there is a lot of uncertainty: Who has to repay emergency aid in full or on a pro rata basis? How can I find out my actual cash shortage? What is the deadline? We provide answers to the most important questions:

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Inflation compensation premium: what employers need to know now!  

The inflation compensation premium is currently the talk of the town. After all, it gives employees hope that they will receive a payment of up to 3,000 euros from their employer to compensate for the current rapid inflation – tax-free and free of social security contributions.

What is correct is that employers have the option of paying employees an inflation compensation bonus. However, the payment of a bonus is not mandatory. However, if employers decide to pay out this bonus to employees, there are a number of things to bear in mind to ensure that the bonus benefits the employees to the extent planned and that employers do not involuntarily “pay on top”.

For this reason, we have summarized the answers to the most important questions about the inflation compensation bonus from the employer’s perspective here!

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Property tax reform: What does your notice of assessment say about the property tax assessment amount?

In connection with the property tax reform, many property owners receive the property tax assessment notices from the tax office.

In Bavaria, in addition to the “notice of the property tax assessment amount”, a “notice of the property tax equivalent amounts” is also issued. In other federal states, the assessment procedure differs somewhat in some cases.

Now that we have received many questions as to whether the property tax assessment amount on the notice of the new property tax is to be paid monthly, quarterly or annually, we would like to set the record straight and have therefore summarized the most important points for you.

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Social security audit and external wage tax audit – what to watch out for in the future?

As part of the irregularly scheduled external wage tax audit, checks are made to see whether employers are properly paying wage tax for their employees. During the social security audit, the German Pension Insurance checks every four years, among other things, whether social security contributions have been correctly paid.

Our experience shows: The auditors are looking ever more closely and demanding more information or evidence.

What do you need to keep in mind? Practical tips.

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