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Corona measures: Labour law issues – and how the courts see it

Some of the Corona provisions and measures introduced by the government since the beginning of the crisis have led to interesting questions and, in some cases, to legal proceedings. In the meantime, some decisions from the first and second instance are available.

Read decisions on issues such as “Right of access to place of work”, “Unseizability of Corona special payment”, etc. .

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Do you speak “crypto” yet?

“Do you have a wallet yet?” or “Has the transaction been entered into the blockchain?” Do you even understand what they’re saying? If you intend to dive into the digital world to do business, you really have no choice but to learn a new “foreign language”: the language of digital commerce.

In doing so, one quickly realizes that many terms are relevant to all digital fields. Be it “cryptocurrency” or “crypto art.” Therefore, we would like to briefly introduce you to the essential terms around the topic of crypto trading:

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Tax data from Dubai: tax authorities are currently evaluating sensitive data

The last prominent data acquisition was some time ago. Many may still remember the acquisition of bank information from Switzerland. The state government of North Rhine-Westphalia was particularly prominent in this regard. The data purchase was and is highly controversial and even involved the Federal Constitutional Court. The acquired information has flushed billions into the state coffers.

Since we are currently officially exchanging bank data with a large number of countries (Turkey is mentioned here for current reasons), the means of purchasing data had become obsolete in the meantime.

Now, however, the treasury has obviously become active again with Dubai.

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Salary extras – What benefits can I pay my employees in addition to their salary?

Particularly with regard to personnel recruitment, employers can offer additional, attractive benefits that go beyond mere payment in the form of salary.

With selected salary extras, employees’ pay can be optimized through tax-privileged and social security-free benefits to achieve a higher net payout. Employers can thus reward employees for good work performance, in addition to increasing employee motivation and retaining skilled workers.
We present some interesting options:

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ACCONSIS now also advises on all aspects of real estate financing

Whether buying or building a new home: the real estate market is booming – despite or even because of Corona. The demand for financing modernization measures or the rescheduling of existing real estate is also steadily increasing. This makes it all the more important to implement the corresponding financing in a future-proof manner and optimally tailored to personal needs thanks to competent advice. Therefore the ACCONSIS group extends their consulting offer by the financing advice.

Our financing experts think holistically and develop, independently of financial institutions and thanks to cooperations with various lenders, custom-fit individual financing solutions. The consulting effort can be completely free of charge for the client, as the entire consulting fee is waived when financing is concluded on the basis of the consultant’s recommendation.

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