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Selbstanzeige Finanzamt Türkei

The next wave of voluntary declarations to the tax office is foreseeable!

Since 2014, 100 countries have committed themselves to exchange information from account holders among themselves in the framework of the Automatic Information Exchange (AIA). This OECD measure ensures greater transparency in international money transactions and, as seen in the example with Switzerland, has also resulted in numerous cases of voluntary disclosure to the tax authorities.

At the beginning of July, the Federal Ministry of Finance announced which other countries are now participating in the exchange. Turkey is also participating for the first time.

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Überbrückungshilfe Corona

Start application deadline for “Überbrückungshilfe Corona” – this is non-refundable!

Applications for the Corona bridging grant have been possible since 8.7.2020 at the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs. The application period ends on 30.9.2020. We advise you to apply for and use this non-repayable bridging aid.

Who can get the grant? Which costs are subsidised? Which documents are required? We are happy to support you.

The Corona bridging subsidy can only be applied for through tax consultants and auditors.

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Is a reduction of holiday entitlement permitted during short-time work?

The “Covid-19” crisis is constantly presenting employees and employers with new challenges. One of the major current issues is the relationship between short-time work and holidays.

In order to avoid the loss of working hours, the remaining leave from the previous year must first be brought in. Now the question arises, however, whether the holiday entitlement can be reduced due to short-time work.

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