ACCONSIS is very broad in its content. It is up to us to implement this compact know-how in a contemporary, effective and efficient manner for the benefit of our clients.

Future and creativity

We listen actively and ensure with a high degree of empathy that everyone feels personally and competently advised. To ensure that we will continue to find the necessary instruments and channels in the future to be able to react quickly and flexibly, we are already making preparations now:

We shape the future in consulting – We create space for creativity and new ideas

In expanded premises at our company headquarters in Schloßschmidstraße, something completely new is being created in our own “think tank”.

New forms of service

A team of more than 20 people designs, plans and implements services and a new form of cooperation to make the solutions for our clients more up-to-date, effective and efficient. It is self-explanatory that the ongoing digitalization will also play a major role in this. It is precisely through digital applications that we are creating freedom, which will have an even more positive effect on the quality of our advice.

In the short to medium term, we will succeed in being modern, fast, transparent and personally committed to our clients.

Expanding our advisory services

ACCONSIS would like to grow more strongly in the coming years and take on a central role in its target market – the Munich Metropolitan Region.

This is to be achieved on the one hand by winning new clients, but also by extending support and consulting services for existing clients.

To achieve this it is necessary for ACCONSIS to undergo a change – both in its external presentation and in its corporate structure.

With this change, ACCONSIS is repositioning itself – from a “classic law firm” to a modern “service company” with high standards for itself.

Our digital offensive has already been rewarded!

As part of the DATEV digitalization cockpit, ACCONSIS was awarded the label “Digital DATEV Law Firm 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023”.

Those who are awarded here, went through a “screening” by a DATEV expert before.

Processes and program usage in accounting, human resources and law firm management were examined. With the help of comprehensible parameters, it quickly became clear where in the company there was still potential for digitization. At the same time, these evaluations provide the necessary key figures for the label “Digital DATEV Law Firm”.

Learn more about our BUSINESS-SERVICE: Digitization

The teams work on the topics in project groups:

  • Change of the workplace
  • (workplace design 4.0, IT landscape)
  • Change in work culture
  • New forms of cooperation
  • Changed understanding of leadership and cooperation

Incentive for the employees to be there:

  • They have the opportunity to try out new modern techniques, work equipment and methods.
  • You actively shape your future and the future processes of Acconsis.
  • You have the opportunity to get to know new forms of cooperation and work directly with colleagues from other departments.
  • And despite all that is new, the employees retain a large part of their old familiar assignments and tasks.
  • If you enjoy and are enthusiastic about trying out new things, trying out new things, wanting to shape the future and wanting to play a significant role in accompanying ACCONSIS on its path into the future, then the Future Workshop offers the best possible conditions.