There are numerous  professions. Freelancers represent a large group of the self-employed in Germany. However, the status of a freelance activity is subject to conditions, often certain qualifications are required.

Especially legal and tax issues should be clarified by freelancers before starting a business.

Efficiency the decisive criterion

The business of freelancers is based on a comparatively limited staff. Besides skill, efficiency is the decisive criterion for the success of freelancers.

We support you in minimizing risks, avoiding unnecessary costs and making the best possible use of productive resources.

Doctors, Health Professionals & Healthcare

As a doctor today you have to face a wide variety of challenges. Long gone are the days when you could limit yourself to the practice of pure healing treatment. Instead, you now have to deal with entrepreneurial topics such as business management of medical practices, the development of new patient groups, staff recruitment and questions of billing. Due to the liberalization of the professional law and the resulting oversupply of doctors in conurbations, you are also facing strong competition.

Parallel to the changed economic framework conditions, your administrative tasks and in particular the examination of tax issues are also increasing more and more. In this context, we would like to emphasize the questions that have arisen due to legal amendments regarding value added tax, cash management or the danger of unintentional reclassification of your income as commercial income. If the tax audit results in the “withdrawal of your freelance status” or the “discovery of cash errors”, you can quickly be confronted with high back taxes.

According to § 18 EStG, the following professions belong to the independent, liberal professions:

Doctors, dentists, veterinary surgeons, lawyers, notaries public, patent attorneys, surveyors, engineers, architects, commercial chemists, auditors, tax consultants, consulting economists and business economists, sworn auditors, tax agents, alternative practitioners, dentists, physiotherapists, journalists, photojournalists, interpreters, translators, pilots.

My recommendation

Experience shows us that through targeted communication and a structured analysis these problem areas can be identified and resolved in advance. We are the first point of contact for our doctors in all business, tax and legal questions and, if necessary, we also work out suitable individual solutions with other colleagues from our network.