Crafts and the construction industry are the backbone of our economy. Nevertheless, the tax and bureaucratic requirements in this sector are also constantly increasing. In addition, this sector is influenced by its strong dependency on economic cycles, so that in every economic phase an optimal business management orientation is necessary for long-term corporate success.

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We offer all company-related consulting services from a single source and support you in all tax, legal, economic, organizational and financial aspects. And we do this in all phases of the company: from the foundation to expansion and company succession. In particular, our specialists are at your side as competent advisors on all issues from building wages to building deduction taxation.

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Jörn Rathjen

Jörn Rathjen
Dipl.-Betriebswirt (FH)

Tax consultant
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Acconsis GmbH Steuerberatungsgesellschaft

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Particularly in the construction industry and in the crafts, sensible planning is essential. These industries are subject to strong economic fluctuations. It is therefore very important never to lose sight of the economic overview. We at ACCONSIS see ourselves as generalists who look ahead holistically. Just give me a call.