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What are the advantages of outsourcing certain business processes from the company?

Internal structures and processes can be streamlined and finance tasks can be partially or completely shifted to trained personnel and people with the necessary expertise. This serves to improve and ensure quality and makes it possible to meet the constantly increasing compliance requirements. The company can concentrate more on its core business again, saves itself the sometimes lengthy search for appropriate in-house personnel in times of a shortage of specialists and does not have to deal with administration-intensive tasks for which there is usually too little time.

Which tasks and company divisions are suitable for outsourcing?

  • Outsourcing of financial accounting
  • Takeover of the payroll accounting
  • Human resources services
  • Processing of payment transactions
  • Takeover of the dunning process
  • Removal of the billing document
  • Introduction of a controlling system
  • Implementation of compliance processes

How can we support our clients with our outsourcing services?

We can take over the complete financial accounting for you, from invoice entry, the creation of outgoing invoices, the processing of payment transactions to dunning.

In addition to the classic assumption of financial accounting, payment proposal lists can be created for you from accounts payable accounting for approval if the incoming documents are submitted on time, also in digital form, and the payments can then be arranged directly by us.

We can also handle the invoicing of your outgoing invoices for you on a cloud basis.

All this can be combined with a corresponding liquidity management at the same time.

We use DATEV software for this purpose and can carry out these steps largely automatically. This can also be managed via the ERP systems you use and, if necessary, linked to a DATEV interface.

Finally, the dunning process can also be conveniently controlled without additional work for you from the accounts receivable accounting we create. We receive the information regarding incoming payments daily via an electronic interface to your house bank.

What business management support can we offer for the needs of your company?

Through access to the extensive figures and financial processes in the company, we can offer support in the introduction of professional controlling and provide you with up-to-date and meaningful information. According to our experience, controlling is only insufficiently available in many small and medium-sized companies, and the business owners thus forego a valuable instrument of corporate management.

The implementation of a cost accounting, budgeting and target-performance analysis helps not to lose sight of the costs, to use resources optimally and to recognize and counteract risks for the company at an early stage.

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