Excellent asset management

A small group of private individuals sometimes bears the burden of numerous and very large assets. We support our clients in three areas:
1. ad-hoc services for private clients
2. establishment of family offices
3. accompaniment to family governance.
It is crucial for us to support our clients in protecting and developing their assets in a far-sighted, intelligent and entrepreneurially efficient manner.

What we do not do: We do not offer investments, neither our own nor those of other providers. We do not advise on the selection of financial products. We do not receive commissions for our services from anyone; we receive a fee exclusively from our clients. We are exclusively committed to you and otherwise bound to no one and independent.

1. ad-hoc services for private clients:

With our Ad-hoc Services, we assist our private clients in making significant decisions, whether they involve unexpected opportunities or unexpectedly occurring risks:

  • All about the real estate
  • Advice on asset development strategy
  • Controlling for asset performance
  • Advice on the valuation of companies and company shares
  • Tax advice on the challenges of asset development
  • Legal advice
  • Trust services
  • Establishment of foundations

2. establishment of family offices:

When founding family offices, we support our clients in the entrepreneurial management of the owner family.
We provide strategic services. In addition, we relieve them of subordinate tasks, such as the management of rental properties and day-to-day payment transactions, with individually tailored services.

  • Management of business and family routines
  • Strategy and controlling for asset development
  • Leadership skills support for participations and investments

3. accompaniment to family governance:

With family governance, the owner family constitutes itself as a modern entrepreneurial association of owners. We support our clients in establishing and continuously developing their individual family governance. In addition, we manage the diverse family activities in accordance with the requirements of family governance:

  • Development or amendment of the family code and family values
  • Supervision of compliance with family code and family values
  • Development of the partnership agreement
  • Support for the establishment of the family council
  • Management of the meetings of the family council
  • Establishment and management of the family assembly
  • Organization of family training, based on the family training strategy for the company sector
  • Operational support for family charitable activities
  • Establishment of the Family Communication Platform (Internet / Intranet, Bulletin or similar)

Our family governance services are mostly related to the management of the family office.

Services as trustee

The execution of wills is one of our tasks in the servicing of wealthy private clients, which is based on special personal trust. Where our clients so desire, we act as their representative in a fiduciary capacity, in the exercise of shareholder rights or by managing the assets of third parties, for example.

My experience with ACCONSIS

Dominik Aumer
Entourage GmbH

“Since we at Entourage GmbH. rely heavily on digitalized processes and set ourselves very high standards when it comes to the company’s business intelligence, we also see a challenge for our partners. ACCONSIS is a good partner here.”


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