Germany’s best tax consultants and auditors: ACCONSIS honoured several times

At ACCONSIS, we constantly strive to impress our clients with our in-depth expertise and outstanding advisory services. We are therefore particularly proud that our efforts have been recognised accordingly. In 2024, ACCONSIS is once again one of the consulting firms in Germany that has received multiple awards, with four prestigious seals of approval from manager magazin, Handelsblatt, F.A.Z. and FOCUS.

Each award is “special” and our specialist areas have to fulfil a wide range of criteria.

manager magazin: Client ratings count

“manager magazin” and WGMB (Scientific Society for Management and Consultancy) have once again honoured Germany’s best auditors this year. Our colleagues received the current award “Germany’s Best Auditors 2024/2025” in person at the award ceremony on 21 March 2024 in Berlin.

Participation in this prestigious award is by invitation only. The prerequisites for receiving the coveted seal are a survey of more than 1,000 managers by WGMB and a top rating from satisfied clients. This is the fourth time in a row that ACCONSIS has been recognised as one of the best German auditors for SMEs.

Handelsblatt: Live survey of the tax and auditing teams

At the beginning of 2024, the Hamburg-based analysis institute SWI Finance analysed aspects such as specialist knowledge, specific expertise and the employment of specialist consultants among more than 4,000 tax consultants and over 800 auditors for Handelsblatt. 601 tax consultants and 115 auditors throughout Germany were ultimately honoured.

This is the eighth time in a row that our tax team has confirmed that they are among the best in their field, and the third time that our auditing team has done so.

The demanding questionnaire requires concentrated knowledge and teamwork coupled with speed in order to answer the many specialised questions and consulting cases correctly. It’s great that this has once again been honoured with the “Best Tax Consultants and Auditors 2024” award.

F.A.Z & FOCUS: Expert and company surveys

In collaboration with Statista, the F.A.Z. Institute has compiled a list of the “Top Tax Consultancy and Auditing Firms 2024” in Germany. The list of award-winning tax consulting and auditing firms is based on a survey of experts (tax consultants, auditors, tax clerks, etc.) as well as business and corporate clients of tax consulting and auditing firms. ACCONSIS received the award for the first time in 2024 in both specialist areas, in the size category up to 249 employees.

FOCUS-Business compiles a list of Germany’s best tax advisory firms together with Munich-based research partner FactField. This is based on the recommendations of around 1,000 tax advisors. In 2024, ACCONSIS was named “TOP Tax Consultancy” for the seventh time in a row.

A big thank you!
These awards are a sign of trust and recognition, not only from the specialised press and the industry, but also from our long-standing, loyal clients. A big thank you also goes to our dedicated ACCONSIS team!

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