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The announcement of an audit by the tax office creates uncertainty.


Overview of services

Overview of our tax consultancy services


Reliable contact partner for tax consultancy services

Our experts provide tax, legal and business consulting services.

We offer creative tax consulting to our clients and provide ongoing tax advice. Due to constantly changing tax laws, our expert tax advice is very important as it ensures the safeguarding of our clients' assets. We represent the interests of our clients vis-à-vis the tax authorities and support them during audits. We also provide advice on international tax law to clients who engage in cross-border activities. 

The scope of services offered to entrepreneurial clients includes the preparation of annual accounts and special-purpose balance sheets.

  1. Creative Tax Consulting for Businesses

    Since decisions often have significant tax implications for companies, tax planning has become an essential element of economic development planning. Tax planning is key here. We align our clients' medium- and long-term business objectives with a tax strategy that will be in place for the next few years. Our services in this area also include liquidity and tax planning calculations which are needed for investment planning, M & A projects and the acquisition of real property.
    We also help our clients with tax concepts such as leasing concepts, company pension schemes and employee profit sharing models.
    Corporate succession planning presents a special challenge – we help our clients find the optimal solution. Setting up foundations is also slowly becoming more and more popular in the German business community.

  2. Tax Advice for Private Individuals

    The diligent fulfilment of all tax obligations provides a sense of security to our customers since they do not have to worry about any unexpected costs. We make sure of this by taking care of routine, day-to-day tax matters.
    With our creative tax consulting services, we assist our clients with forward-looking planning which facilitates the consistent utilisation of various tax structuring options. Our consultancy services in the area of tax-optimised asset development comprise an assessment of the status quo including a vulnerability analysis and the development of a customised investment strategy.

  3. International Tax Consultancy

    Cross-border transactions bring a variety of tax implications with them. We assist our clients in finding solutions to these challenges. For example, we prepare annual accounts in accordance with international law. Transfer prices and the taxation of permanent establishments, as well as employees working abroad and the resulting tax complications are some of the issues we deal with regularly.
    The establishment of international subsidiaries and holding companies in Germany or abroad can have major implications. Our expertise in foreign tax relations provides an important level of security to our clients when we support them in their international expansion efforts. Among other things, we develop forward-looking tax planning strategies which facilitate the utilisation of various tax optimisation options.

  4. Representation of our Client's Interests in Audits and Criminal Tax Proceedings

    Audits put companies in an uncomfortable position, even though this is a very routine process. The company and company employees feel under pressure, and some auditors take advantage of that. It is therefore advisable to be well informed about rights and obligations, customary procedures, appropriate conduct in tense situations, limitations to be observed by the auditors and the potential impact of audit activities as this allows you to act proactively. We provide guidance and suggestions to our clients on how to professionally conclude the audit and, at the same time, protect their interests in the best possible manner.
    We also represent the interests of our clients in opposition proceedings and complaints procedures.
    When questions in the area of criminal tax law need to be tackled or fiscal court proceedings are looming, a lawyer with extensive expertise in criminal tax law is ready and waiting for you: we support you in criminal tax proceedings and assist you during all stages of legal proceedings before fiscal courts and the Federal Fiscal Court (Bundesfinanzhof).