Tax data from Dubai: tax authorities are currently evaluating sensitive data

The last prominent data acquisition was some time ago. Many may still remember the acquisition of bank information from Switzerland. The state government of North Rhine-Westphalia was particularly prominent in this regard. The data purchase was and is highly controversial and even involved the Federal Constitutional Court. The acquired information has flushed billions into the state coffers.

Since we are currently officially exchanging bank data with a large number of countries (Turkey is mentioned here for current reasons), the means of purchasing data had become obsolete in the meantime.

Now, however, the treasury has obviously become active again with Dubai.

Tax data from Dubai: evaluation of the data by the tax authorities

What data does the tax administration have?

According to various press reports and the official statement of the Federal Ministry of Finance, the tax administration has purchased a data set from Dubai that is likely to contain explosive information for some individuals.

According to Der Spiegel, around EUR 2,000,000 has been paid in return.

Who is affected by the purchase of tax data from Dubai?

Potentially affected are all persons who live in Germany and maintain business relations with Dubai.

If these persons have an account, a company, a shareholding or a property in Dubai, it becomes interesting for the German tax authorities.

More detailed information on what specific content is included in the data package and where the data source comes from has not been published. In part, there is speculation about a real estate focus. There are regular reports in the press about “comprehensive information on assets”.

What is the next step – what does it mean?

The extent to which this income is taxable in Germany and whether it has been declared in German tax returns is currently being examined by the relevant tax offices, according to press reports. Meanwhile, the first criminal tax proceedings in this connection have not yet been reported.

Tax data from Dubai?
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My recommendation?

Potentially affected persons should therefore deal with the existing possibilities for action in the short term in order to pre-empt a potential letter from the tax office and the criminal tax authorities if necessary.

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