Welcome, convocat! ACCONSIS expands its consulting expertise

The ACCONSIS family is growing! By merging with convocat – the law firm of Agnes Fischl-Obermayer, lawyer and tax consultant, and Regine Funke-Lachotzki, chartered accountant and tax consultant – ACCONSIS not only strengthens its team, but also significantly expands its expertise in tax, real estate and inheritance law.

Dr. Andreas Hofner, director of ACCONSIS, explains: “We have been working for several years to constantly build and expand our team of experts in all topics “around real estate”. We observe that the demand for comprehensive and holistic consultation constantly increases. No matter if it concerns legal questions or if tax solutions are needed. For us at ACCONSIS, it has always been important to have a broad range of expertise in all of our subject areas. With the convocat team, we have gained outstanding experts and are very pleased that Ms. Fischl-Obermayer and Ms. Funke-Lachotzki are also strengthening our tax consulting and law firms as managing directors. Therefore, on behalf of all colleagues, I would like to welcome them warmly!”

And Agnes Fischl-Obermayer, who together with her law firm partner Regine Funke-Lachotzki has successfully built up convocat for many years, also sees potential in this merger: “Every cooperation with clients is based on the great foundation of trust. In the past, we have often seen that our possibilities and resources were exhausted in this trusting cooperation with long-standing and also new convocat clients. However, since we would like to meet the increased demand with proven and consistent qualitative consulting, we looked around for a suitable partner. With ACCONSIS, we can now offer our clients a very high level of holistic consulting expertise with a clear conscience. This is possible because from now on we also draw on the ACCONSIS pool of experts. In any case, all clients benefit from this addition – on both sides.”

“The goal of every alliance is to create added value! Our added value now lies precisely in the fact that we are establishing a one-stop store for all questions “around real estate”. Both tax, financial and economic requirements can be handled at one address from now on. This not only creates a much more transparent overview in the interaction of all tax law aspects, but also brings faster and more effective solutions”, adds Regine Funke-Lachotzki.

Welcome to the ACCONSIS team!