100% subsidised advice: up to 4,000 euros without own contribution

We recommend using the free advice up to a volume of 4,000 euros to find ways out of the Corona crisis. The funding is provided by the German Federal Government. As a consultant you have to be approved for the BAFA programme – ACCONSIS GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft fulfils this requirement and supports you in the application process or takes over the application for funding for you.

For small and medium-sized enterprises as well as freelancers affected by the Corona crisis, there is the promotion of free advice on how to cope with the current challenges.
As consultants we help you, for example, with liquidity planning, financing or an analysis and optimisation of your cost structure.

The aim of the funding is to provide fast and unbureaucratic help and to show affected companies a way through the crisis by promoting management consultancy services.

The funding of professional consulting services with a volume of up to 4,000 euros is provided by the Federal Government and does not require a personal contribution.

You can find out which form of advice is supported, how this is done and how the application process works under our service
BAFA Consulting Promotion 2020

Crisis situations require quick help & support

Further helpful information can be found at the ACCONSIS Corona Task Force Service.

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