Bridging aid Corona (Phase 2) is extended, expanded and simplified

On September 18, 2020, the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) informed about the extension and expansion of the bridging assistance provided by the Federal Government for the months September to December 2020, whereby the access conditions will be lowered and the assistance expanded.

The aid programme (Bridging Assistance II) supports small and medium-sized enterprises as well as solo self-employed and freelancers who are particularly hard hit by the measures to combat corona with non-repayable grants towards fixed operating costs. Depending on the level of the fixed operating costs, companies can receive up to 200,000 euros in funding for the four months.

Bridging aid Corona (Phase 2)

The basic structure of the bridging subsidy as an industry-open subsidy program for fixed costs will also be retained in the extension. However, there are relevant changes with regard to eligibility for application and the amount of the grant. Instead of the rigid eligibility criterion of a 60% drop in sales in April and May, in future all those companies can apply for bridging aid which either experienced an average drop in sales of 30% in the period April to August or which experienced a drop in sales of at least 50% in two consecutive months within this period.

As far as the amount of support is concerned, the non-system SME cap amounts of 9,000 euros and 15,000 euros will be cancelled without replacement and the support rates will be increased in stages up to 90 %. In addition, the lower limit above which companies can receive funding will be lowered from 40 % to 30 % slump in sales and the flat rate for personnel costs increased from 10 % to 20 %.

These modifications make the bridging allowance accessible to a significantly larger circle of companies and at the same time increase the amount of funding.

The aim is to create the conditions as quickly as possible so that applications for bridging assistance II can be submitted by mid-October at the latest.

For details of the agreed changes, please refer to the attached term sheet and press release.
All details can be found in the term sheet of the term sheet of the BMWi and the press release Presseerklärung vom 18.09.2020.

We advise you to apply for and use this non-repayable bridging allowance.

The bridging assistance Corona can only be applied for through tax consultants and auditors. We will be happy to support you.

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