Extraordinary Corona Economic Aid November

The extraordinary Corona Economic Assistance for the month of November 2020 offers further important support for companies, businesses, self-employed persons, associations and institutions that are particularly affected by the current Corona restrictions. The details and conditions of the Corona Economic Aid November are now fixed.

The application for Corona Economic Assistance November must be submitted by the tax consultant or auditor and is currently not yet possible.

However, the applications are to be submitted shortly via the nationwide platform of the bridging assistance. Payment will be made by the federal states via the bridging assistance platform.

Extraordinary Corona Economic Aid November 2020

Eligible to apply are companies, businesses, self-employed persons, associations and institutions directly affected by the temporary closures and indirectly affected companies according to the following conditions:

Companies directly affected
All companies (including public ones), businesses, self-employed persons, associations and institutions that had to cease business operations on the basis of the closure ordinances issued by the federal and state governments on October 28, 2020. Hotels count as directly affected companies.

Indirectly affected companies
All companies that demonstrably and regularly generate 80 percent of their sales with companies directly affected by the closure measures.

Affiliated companies – i.e. companies with several subsidiaries or permanent establishments – are entitled to apply for funding if more than 80 percent of the total sales of the network are generated by directly or indirectly affected companies. Up to 75 percent of the turnover of the affected affiliated companies is reimbursed. This applies, for example, to a holding company that owns both restaurants (closed) and retail businesses (open further) – here emergency aid is paid if the restaurants contribute to more than 80 percent of the holding company’s turnover.

We strongly recommend that this economic aid be applied for and used.

We will be happy to support you in this and check whether you are eligible to apply for it or we will gladly make the application on your behalf. We will also answer all your questions that arise in this context. Get in touch with us.

“Außerordentliche Wirtschaftshilfe November – Details der Hilfen stehen”
“Extraordinary economic aid November – details of the aid are available”,
Press release from 05.11.2020

For all, which must close starting from 2.11., the again announced Corona economic aids are extremely interesting! of 29.10.2020

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