Überbrückungshilfe/Bridging assistance III: Eligible digitization and hygiene measures

The Corona crisis continues to pose significant challenges for many companies. Lockdowns, contact restrictions, heightened hygiene approaches: The necessary and at the same time existence-threatening measures to contain the pandemic are leading to major revenue losses for many companies.

However, the current Überbrückungshilfe / bridging assistance III can help to compensate for or at least limit these sales losses.

In addition to funding the costs of marketing and advertising measures to draw attention to a company even in times of crisis, there are extensive opportunities for eligible companies to finance digitization and hygiene measures.

Funding of digitization and hygiene measures

Which digitization measures can be funded?
Based on our experience from over 200 applications for our clients in the meantime, the following investments in particular are recognized as eligible for funding:

  • Setting up an online shop
  • Editing / updating internet presence incl. social media and SEO
  • Acquisition of IT hardware/software for location-independent service provision
  • Optimization of internet connection (e.g. fiber optics)
  • Update of software systems.

In addition, industry-specific digitization projects related to checkout systems, customer registration, customer ordering processes and customer loyalty are among the measures funded.

Which hygiene measures are eligible for funding?
Many companies already invested heavily in this area at the beginning of the Corona crisis. Measures that can be promoted include

  • Partition walls and air filters
  • Air conditioning and ventilation systems
  • Structural implementation of hygiene concepts (spacing, ventilation or relocation to outside areas)
  • Installation of outdoor catering facilities

However, other hygiene improvements are also eligible under Bridging Assistance III, for example:

  • Installation of wipeable floor coverings
  • Optimization of customer layout for to-go business
  • Contactless door closures

Quick tests for customers or employees are also eligible.
Of particular interest given the test provision requirement for businesses, as well as mandated evidence of negative testing for retail and services above certain incidence levels.

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From a business perspective, it makes absolute sense to shed light on these various options and address them proactively. Our contacts from the Corona Taskforce will be happy to help you with this at any time.

All the best & stay healthy!

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