Überbrückungshilfen / Bridging Assistance II and III: Proactive Design and Use of Opportunities

The current decisions of the federal government to extend the closures of restaurants and hotels, as well as the restrictions on retail trade, are causing enormous frustration among the entrepreneurs affected. Many hopes have vanished and major (financial) worries are becoming even greater.

It is all the more important now to really make use of all the options offered by the state’s Bridging Assistance in a proactive and goal-oriented manner!

In particular, the Bridging Assistance II and III are not mutually exclusive, but intertwine. Even when Bridging Assistance II has already been applied for, costs and expenses for digitization and hygiene measures, for example, which have already been incurred in the past period from March 2020, can be taken into account via Bridging Assistance III.

Find an overview of how and which costs can be taken into account under the time aspect:

Time cost consideration for Überbrückungshilfe / Bridging Assistance II and III

Applying for Bridging Assistance: Many questions, individual answers

What options does the bridging assistance offer? When may which costs be applied?

Adjustments and changes in government regulations always open up new starting points. For entrepreneurs, it is therefore important to use the leeway proactively and in a goal-oriented manner. Ideally, they will even generate added value for their business from the support programs for the time after the crisis.

When to apply for bridging assistance?

Strategic decisions definitely play a role: if the loss of sales is high, so are the subsidies. Of course, liquidity must also be taken into account.

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